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New Contributor DT3010
New Contributor

Connection Issue/TimeOut

Hi there.

I recently moved to a new share house, the connection to the router is always 4 bars, and the download speed averages at around 5.5mb/s. This is all good. However. As soon as I launch a game on my PC and start trying to connect to online servers, my ping shoots through the roof, I get time outs and the works. My connection to the router remains at 4/4 bars, but I start having these connection issues.

How can I fix this, is it hardware on my end or the routers end, or is it my ISP (Optus)

Thanks for any help provided

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RetiredModerator Shauna

Re: Connection Issue/TimeOut

Hey @DT3010 - can you please confirm your account number, full name and DOB via PM? We'll take a look into this. 

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