Congestion in Mt Waverley


Need some advise!!


I have put up with Optus's congested broadband service for way to long, my head is about to explode. 2 people can not be watching youtube at the same time here, its a joke. I mean i live with a house full of gamers and streamers, WE NEED WORKING INTERNET!!


We have been a customer of Optus since 2012, the first 2-3 years were wicked we could online game an stream at the same time!! I loved it and would recommend but now im embarrased to even talk about it.


So please help, i have given up being on hold waiting for support to just do nothing. Do i wait it out and hope optus sorts it out or do i just move on.. 

Re: Congestion in Mt Waverley


Move on where? To another house with working NBN?


What speed does the ADSL go at around 1am?

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