Congestion in Moonee Ponds / Essendon


I have been a loyal Optus cable broadband customer for many years now and have up until recently had good service.  However, over the past year there has been a gradual slowdown in my internet speeds during certain times.  Between 5pm-1am the internet slows down to a point where it is unusable.  During this time its not uncommon to get well below 3Mbps.  After calling Optus technical support they have confirmed that this is an issue with congestion in the area but could not offer a timeframe for when it would be fixed.  Now I find myself paying for what seems like 90's internet.  Even with the Optus speedpack, friends on ADSL broadband are getting significantly higher speeds.  Has anyone else in this area experienced the same issue?

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Yep I have answered many posts on this issue and the advice I have given is simply this. Ask support for a time frame on any upgrades to your service and if they can’t give you that then you have 2 options. Ask for compensation and wait it out or change providers. Smiley Happy

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Same deal - im in avondale heights.


Had great speeds for 3 years now - 80 - 100 MB/s at most times of the day, only slowing to about 70 during peak.


Last few days, been lucky to get 5Mb/s during peak.


If it stays like this for the rest of the week ill be calling up optus

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First step is to call Tech support (13 13 44)

when you verify you are in an area that has congestion

Call the Telecommunications Industry Ombudsman (1800 062 058)

that will start the process to enable you to leave Optus and go to a providor that can offer a working system (be careful, there are a few other providors who piggy back on the Optus system), and also open you to channels to get a realistic compensation for the poor service that they are overcharging you for

If you have recently sighted advertising for optus trying to lure more people to their congested and crashing broadband 'service' stating that "You can rely on the Optus Network" or "Fast and reliable Broadband", then feel free to Contact the ACCC (1300 302 502) and talk to them about the Fraudulent Advertising

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I am experiencing the same issue I have been told they are working on upgrading the exchange but can not give a time frame this has been going on for over 5 months now at least.

The service is unusable some nights between 5 pm and

Very frustrating with no answers and no solutions given....very poor service !!

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I am in Essendon West with a cable connection and am experiencing speeds of 3mbps to 5mbps during 8PM to midnight everyday which is pretty bad. I call tech support and they said that there are congestion and are upgrading the exchange. It's pretty bad service considering they can't provide an ETA. Understand that NBN is also using HFC as a technology in this area, and some parts of Essendon are already able to subscribe to NBN. Does this mean congestion is going to get worse?

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Hey there, @Bluey and @bkserve80. More than happy to look into your respective internet speed issues. Could you please PM us with your account number, full name and DOB so that we can investigate this further for you?

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