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Configuring a Netgear Nighthawk R8000 X6 AC3200 to an Optus DSL service

I have purchased a Netgear Nighthawk AC3200 and am trying to connect it to an Optus ADSL service but the Nighthawk keeps saying that it cannot detect the ethernet cable or internet even though there is internet at the Optus provided Sagem router and everything is wired correctly. Has anyone experience this or got any suggestions. 


I have tried two options:

  • bypass the Optus provided Sagem and connect the AC3200 directly to the DSL point  - the ethernet cable is not even recognised, and;
  • Leave the Sagem connecetd and use an ethernet connection into the internet input on the AC3200 - the ethernet cable is detected but the connection process fails.

With both options I have tried a manual and auto config of the AC3200 and attempted using the MAC address of the Sagem and Optus Primary and Secondary DNS names. 


Has anyone had this problem before? 


help me Obi Wan... 

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