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Complaint- Mobile broadband service

For customer's information.

Copy of complaint...


Dear Optus complaints,

On 8th September 2017 I made an online order for a 70GB mobile broadband package. A few days later I received a call from your customer service team wanting to check my address as stated above, the lady also informed me that the order had been duplicated and that she would cancel the duplication.

I waited a week but received no sim, I checked the online tracker to find that the sim had been posted to an old address in Perth. This address I had deleted from my account years prior.

I then called your customer service team and they posted me out a second sim. This too never arrived.

On 28th September 2017 I called your customer service team again, the order was cancelled, the cancellation fee waived and a new order started.

This is to confirm that the service number 0422063809 for broadband $70 with 70GB has been cancelled. 
Abram from Optus”


I waited another 10 days and never received a sim. I called your customer service team again wanting everything cancelled. It was all too much hassle and posting a sim to the correct address seemed to difficult for your employees.

I was assured it had all been cancelled and once again the cancellation fee was waived.


On the 10th October I then received an email and text saying another order had been created (0402 349 953, order reference OP1506931234767) and my sim was on the way, I received the sim the next day. How this order was made I do not know? I called your customer service team AGAIN stating clearly that I do not want the sim and that I had been assured it was cancelled. I was told then not to worry, it had definitely been cancelled and to throw the sim in the bin. I was told that the sim would not appear on my linked phone bill and that I would not be charged for the service.


Two weeks later I received my phone bill and the mobile broadband was on my invoice, I called customer service stating that I am only paying for my phone usage and to PLEASE REMOVE the broadband from account. I am assured once again that this has been done.


Every invoice from September has had the broad band charged to it, and every month I have to call and have it taken off. For the month of December, I call customer service again requesting the broadband to be removed, I stated how unhappy I have been with this entire situation and that I have no patience left. I was told once again not to worry, that the broadband charges have been removed from my account. The amount for this invoice was $210.58, I paid $100.81 for my phone and I was told the outstanding $112.90 for the broadband had been removed.

On 14th December the $112.90 was DEBITED from my account.

I spoke with an online customer service representative stating that I wanted an immediate refund! She assured me that I would have my money back within 7-10 business days.

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The next day I received a text message saying that the refund can’t not be processed. So I call customer service again on 18th December 2017! I am told that the issued has been sorted and the refund has been approved. I was clear that I did not want a credit on my account and that the money needs to be returned into my bank account where Optus took it from. Initially I was told this can’t be done but after me pushing the customer service representative stated that she would have the refund returned to my bank account within 7-10 business days. Her employee number is CP557901.


I waited the 7-10 business not inclusive of the public holidays and still no refund. So I call again on 02 January 2018. The gentleman states that the refund had not been processed properly and that he had rectified the situation. He then stated to me it would be another 5 business days. I told him I’ve already waited over 10 and 5 business is not soon enough, he put me on hold to speak with his manager and then hung up on me.


As you can imagine I am beyond agitated with this situation. I have been patient with Optus representatives but this has been ongoing for too long. I will be lodging a compliant with the Telecommunications ombudsman and taking this issue further (reference number 2018/01/01173).

As a result of this complaint I want my refund of $112.90 to be immediately actioned and for the mobile broadband to be permanently removed from my account. 


I have been an Optus customer for over 10 years and find this situation disappointing and an annoyance!


Not so warm regards,

Chloe Holtham

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