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I refer the subject above and note the issues and concerns below.


Issues with Fetch TV and Cable internet:

1. Fetch TV channel - all the shows on the channel freezes every 2-3 mins whole day which render it unwatchable. Optus Technician tested and agreed it was totally unwatchable.

2. Cable internet (speed boost) - Tested by Technician from Optus today 16/10/17 and was informed it is running at approx 1-2 mbs downstream. He stated this is clearly a big issue. Stated it is a network issue.


This is is clearly ridiculous as I’m paying $80 per month and I can’t enjoy what I paid for. I am very disappointed and very unhappy with the whole service as it was noted that Optus knows about the issues as they have been monitoring it. The Optus Technician has come out twice and nothing has been resolved as he stated that it is a network issue. 


I would like a refund from Optus noting that they know how long the issues has been happening and have been monitoring it. I should not be paying for a service that is unusable and unwatchable.

Re: Complaint Fetch TV & Cable


Yep, that's no good at all. Given the tech said it was a network issue I'd say it's almost definitely congestion so I'd be leaving and finding a new provider ASAP

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Re: Complaint Fetch TV & Cable


Agreed....Optus have been string its cusomers along for years with excuses, bad customer service and an even worse product.

I've been putting up with them for years, but now they aren't the only company that offers cable in my street.



Re: Complaint Fetch TV & Cable


Hey @BenjaminT - it's disappointing to hear that you're experiencing difficulties with using the service. We can check into this for you further if you can please send us a private message with your full name, internet username and DOB. Once we receive that info, we'll get back to you ASAP.

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Re: Complaint Fetch TV & Cable


I agree... we lose our cable connection at least twice per month sometimes more and its out for hours at a time. We are never offered a reduction on our account...Ever! Our speed is also very slow and have talked to them about this and they don't seem bothered. As long as thry getting their money I don't suppose they're to fussed....

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