Compatible WIFI modem gateways for Netgear CM500V modem?


I have just recieved a Netgear CM500V HFC NTD modem from Optus for faster cable streaming, however i was not porvided with the Sagecom gateway modem that the set up manual refers too ( im running an older Neatgear wireless gateway EMTA CG3000 and am thinking it is incompatible with CM500V as there is no WAN port on my gateway.  Does anyone know if these 2 can work together? Or who do i contact at Optus to arrange a return?


Re: Compatible WIFI modem gateways for Netgear CM500V modem?


Sounds like they included the wrong manual in your box Matty. Just put the Sagecom info into a drawer and forget about it.


Onto the problem at hand the new Netgear CM500V is going to replace the CG3000, they won't be working together. It's relatively straight forward to set up but to be safe, maybe take some photos of your current set up first so you can put it all back to how it was if you need to.


Next step, unplug everything the CG3000 modem is plugged into and put it aside. Then plug in the CM500V in pretty much the same way. You should have a white or black cable coming from the wall (looks a little like an antenna cable) that will screw into the back of the modem. You'll also have a power supply, a LAN cable (probably yellow, blue or black) and your landline if you have one, will also plug into the modem. The LAN cable is to plug into your PC.


Once it's all plugged in and powered up for a good 3 or 4 minutes, switch on your PC/laptop and open up your internet browser. From here it should guide you through the process to set up.


It's important to note that with a new modem, your WiFi network name and password likely changed. The new name and password will be printed on the bottom of the modem but you usually receive a card with it written on to. You'll need to go through and update this in any other devices in your house like your mobile, tablet/ipads, TV's, other laptops etc.


If it all gets to hard, give them a call on 133937 and they'll guide you through it Smiley Happy

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Re: Compatible WIFI modem gateways for Netgear CM500V modem?



I connected new optus modem: CM500V-1ATAUS, I used my optus mail amd password to login to Optus but I am adviced that:

Cable modem self provisioning


Error Code : 103

modem poll failed,unable to determine modem model. Please record this error code and contact Technical Support on 1300 300 693 for further information.


Re: Compatible WIFI modem gateways for Netgear CM500V modem?


Oh yikes :/ Recommend raising this with our Faults team (if you haven't already) HERE so we can take a look at what's going on there! 

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