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Occasional Contributor loeymay
Occasional Contributor

Charges on closed account

I have contacted Optus twice by phone & once online live to cancel my landline & internet as we have gone elsewhere.  We allowed Optus to direct bill us & they are still taking approx $80 a month yet the first cancellation was over 2 months ago. I didn't initially have any luck getting through to them as I forgot my password & the wouldn't accept my mobile number for some reason. I am able to give them my account number & home line number as well as my email.  Apparently though they are not acceptable & they don't appear to have a section for internet & landline for me to click on, rather like their phone options for clicking on 1 or 2 etc.

How do I get them to close this account & credit the money back to me?


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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Charges on closed account

Hi there loeymay,

It should be a straight forward process once they are able to access the account successfully.

Providing either the landline number or account number along with your full name (assuming you are the Account Holder) and Date of Birth or PIN should be sufficient. If you have forgotten some details they should ask you additional identification questions.

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If not, please Message Us here.  

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