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I have dsl broadband and I need to change the password. Since I spent hours with an online 'help' person which only updated my account- I am hoping this won't be difficult.

I just want to know how to change the password for the internet. Maybe more than once. My son who is nearly 13 will not get off the computer and it drives me nuts. He has 4 devices, 2 laptops (1 is older but works) an ipad and a smart phone.

I don't know if it might be easier to password protect his devices or change the password to the internet.

The info on the internet appears to suggest that it's a big hassle to change the password...I don't know...please help....mum is going nuts! Lol

Re: Change Internet Password

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I think you mean change your password to your Wi-Fi so he can’t connect his devices. What is the make and model of your modem?

Re: Change Internet Password


Hey TaniaPinkSky, details on how to access the modem settings are printed on the modem. Usually on the back or underneath. You'd need to have a computer connected to the modem to begin with and we recommend via Ethernet Cable for reliability. You'll need to open up a web browser and type into the address bar the IP address of the modem. It's usually something like or but the exact details are printed on the modem. Once inside you'll need to navigate to the wireless security settings and change the WiFi password.

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