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New Contributor Sunny12345
New Contributor

Certain apps and websites not connecting on broadband

I have a subscription to the cable broadband. For the last 2 days, certain apps on the iPhone and iPad as well as certain websites (on mobile devices and laptop) are not connecting to the internet through the cable broadband. There is no problem with other apps and websites. These apps and websites (that don’t connect on the broadband) are connecting fine using the mobile data. I have rebooted the wifi modem and all mobile devices several times. Some of the websites and apps are local Australian (for example SBS on demand) and some are overseas (for example Apple’s native Weather app). Thanks for your suggestions and advice.

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RetiredModerator Toomey

Re: Certain apps and websites not connecting on broadband

Hey @Sunny12345, thanks for getting in touch. I know there was a recent DNS issue which fits your description. This was resolved today if you could please try resetting your modem and let me know how you go? 

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