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I cannot visit the site from home, from work it works OK

It is being censored by Optus

This is a finacial blog I have visited for 15 years, no extremism and certainly no videos of shootings posted.


I am disgusted, you have no right to arbitrarily block sites like this.


I have 2 phones and cable Interent, I will be cancelling my account and finding another provider today.


If you attempt to chase me for any further costs, I will see you in court.

Re: Censorship

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You can't visit a lot of sites that have been blocked by governments, corporations and Telcos. The NZ attack video has definitely bought into sharp focus that enough might be enough in allowing pretty much unfettered access to say, do and view what you want just because its "the internet".


These are early days and as the ISPs in question said, they've used very blunt tools to temporarily try to restrict a vile broadcast. They're easily bypassed if you wish. Making it not impossible to avoid 


I think also the debate is starting to move on getting sites to take responsibility for what they host. ZeroHedge has been predictably dismissive of the takedown, but as a more nuanced and widespread approach likely becomes the norm they (and other sites) may have to start taking more responsibility.


FWIW ZeroHedge seems ok hosting hate speech, for example:


And this is what Muslims say in their ******* mosques that should be burned to the ground

Muslims should be exterminated to the last one, like rats in a sewer.

I lived in about 20 countries, you ignorant **********. Including some muzzie countries, they are f****d up.


Peter Gillespie

Re: Censorship


you have no right to arbitrarily block sites !



Re: Censorship

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Neither Zerohedge or Liveleak have hosted the video and both have explicity said they will not. 

This is the reason for blocking them the Telcos have given, which is patently false.


Cherry picking a few unsavoury comments out of millions from the comments section means nothing , there is a 10000 websites on all subjects you could find comments just as objectionable.


They are just words, no calls to violence or harrasment of anyone, nothing illegal ,if you don't like them don't visit the site.


Corporations arbitrarily deciding to block websites that have done nothing wrong is terrifying and a major threat to our liberties.


You might be OK to have the nanny state spoon feed you their version of acceptable web content , but I and many others are not.


It seems TPG value and respect their customers  , I will be switching to them.


I hope you feel nice and safe  staying in your censored version of the Optus Internet.


Edit: email from TPG - this is my kind of ISP.. CYA Optus


Dear Customer,

When it comes to internet access TPG does not in anyway intrude to customers preferred website to visit.



Karlo | NBN Consumer Sales | UserID: 11397
T 13 14 23 | F 02 9850 0813


Re: Censorship


Yet facebook, twitter, youtube and numerous "news" websites are not blocked.


No governing body in Australia has legally requested any blocking. 


Zerohedge is still accessable from China, that says something about whats going on here with censorship. 

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Re: Censorship


Can't speak to if the video was hosted. Possibly links provided by commentators to it. Regardless, while it might be in error the motivation is quite clear and transparent. Interestingly you seem to be implying if ZeroHedge had hosted the video then it might be acceptable to block the site? 


FWIW I didn't cherry pick any comments, just scrolled through a couple of pages and those were the first that leaped out. 


IMO Prudent censorship is generally considered a good thing when it comes to broadcast mediums. And while the internet used to be a place you had to work a little hard to find objectionable material, its reached a level of ubiquity that is impossible to avoid (i.e. you can't just not visit the site anymore).


I find no 'respect' in any organisation (or person) that applies an anything goes approach. I'm libertine by nature but there's a spot between totalitarianism and unfettered freedom. This ISP reaction has been self acknowledged as clumsy and very temporary. 


I'm all for freedom of the internet but I don't really want my twelve year old watching massacres etc. I'm also for accountability (which is why a sign my real name on anything I post) 


As an aside, I'd recommend against unilaterally quiting your contract. Optus will eventually just sell your debt to collectors and the default will be placed on your credit rating. But those things might be worth the stand?


Peter Gillespie

Re: Censorship

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Exactly.. Take down orders that have gone through the proper legal channels such as for the piratebay and other torrent sites I believe are fair enough.


For corporations to block on a whim a fairly moderate alternative news site like Zerohedge is unacceptable in what is supposedly a free country.


I will be making complaints to the Ombudsman and to the communications minister in writing.


Re: Censorship


@Paddylee ,


Yeah that occurred to me too. Wonder which Telco would be brave enough to block Twitter / Facebook ? Possibly they can't ? The IPs of those organisations must have a lot of redundancies? 


Also those organisations were also taking active efforts to take down the video which is all the Telcos wanted of the sites they blocked.


Not sure if China's a real bench mark? Taking the view point of a censor I suspect China is ok with material and events that portray Western democracies as places of chaos and death. As @lachie74 said, makes you feel all cozy when its not affecting you.

Re: Censorship


@petergdownload id say China would be the benchmark for internet filtering.



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Re: Censorship


The reasons given for this block are that the sites in question hosted the NZ video.


I know for a fact that Zerohedge and Liveleak never hosted nor will host it.


It is the jobs of governments using due legal process to block or remove sites that have overstepped the mark from the Net, they are accountable to the people and will suffer or benefit from the consequences.


It's not up to a bunch of corporate suits in a boardroom doing it on a whim.


Thanks for your concern re debt collection, I will be contacting ACCC and TIO, I believe the service with these new restrictions  is 

  • provided with an unacceptable level of care and skill
  • unfit for the purpose you asked for

which gives me grounds to cancel early.

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