Cannot sign up for Optus My Account!!


There just seems to be problem after problem here with optus.After finally getting connected. I have been told by optus to register for Optus My Account.Yeah, i would love to but your stupid site apparently believes my service number is not eligable for My Account Registration. I phoned optus and was told i wasn;t updated in their systemm and to wait 24 hours?? Well, that was 36 hours ago and i still can't do it. Now all thtat happens is that i call them, get put on hold and after a few minutes get hung up on!

Seriously train your staff on how to do the basics. Can anyone offer any advice here. Pretty rediculous that you won't allow me to log in to the page that would assist me with paying my bills!!




Re: Cannot sign up for Optus My Account!!


Apologies on the late reply Jlispet88, I hope that since posting you've been able to get in touch with someone to help out with this? Can you give us a bit more info on what type of service you're trying to register; Cable, NBN or ADSL? 

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