Re: Cannot sign in to PSN network through CG3000v2 Optus Cable


(Thankfully the BB has autosave, my phone died while i was typing this msg but anyways....)MY LG 4k WebOs TV was not connecting to the web and the youtube app displayed onscreen "DNS error please contact you internet service provider" then at the same time family members started nagging to me,2 ipads  (running ver 10.01) , androids running on Nougat and Marshmallow weren't connecting.

I had to reset the router, once that was done i had to turn of the TV and reset all the devices as disconnecting via quick/icons/settings did not work. Once i did that it worked again, it's confusing for some people that the internet works but certain websites or services won't sign on or work. I always tell people to try connecting using their phones or have someone try using the account on a diffrent ISP before calling up technical support.

I'm having the same issue again whereas only optus 4g works and cable connection won't work.  Psn is up and scheduled maintenance is for tomorrow at 1:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. so i know it's not an issue with Sony, also because i can see my friends online when i connect using 4g. I hope after tommorow after maitenence  i will no longer have this problem.

Just wanted to I update everyone and hoped it helped anyone who had or have problems trying to sign into youtube, netflix etc. I'll post again a week after tommorows maitenence if i experince any further connection problems. I hope it's  just an issue with Sonys PSN and Optus cable but after having issues with the YouTube App on LG webos i think it may be an issue with Optus and netflix as all providers keep pointing fingers to DNS problems with my ISP. 



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