Cannot sign in to PSN network through CG3000v2 Optus Cable


For the past 2 days my Playstation 4 has been unable to connect to the PSN network via my Optus cable connection. It was working prior to the last few days, but now suddenly I get error (CE-38702-0) whenever I try to connect to PSN.


I have isolated this issue to the Optus-supplied CG3000v2 router, as when I create a 4G hotspot with my mobile and connect the Playstation via 4G it works fine. I have no other routers, firewalls or proxy servers on my home network.


I've tried calling Optus support numerous times, but because my devices can connect to the Internet I get told that it's not their problem. Netgear support likewise palms off the issue to Playstation/Sony. I've contacted Playstation support and been told that the PSN network is up and available (which I know), that the issue is with my router (which I also know) and to try forwarding a bunch of ports and/or turn off any firewall features (which I've tried).


Troubleshooting performed so far:

Restarted PS4 and Optus router

Re-configured the PS4's network connection and ran the connection test (oddly, it says successful for all the checks, even when it tests signing in to PSN).

Factory reset Optus router

Reserved a static IP address for the PS4 on the modem and port forwarded the following to the PS4 - TCP: 80, 443, 3478, 3479, 3480, 5223, 8080, 9293 and 10070-10080. UDP: 3478, 3479, 3658 and 10070 (as per instructions from Playstation support).

Re-configured PS4's network connection again with the reserved IP address and the following DNS servers - Primary DNS: Secondary DNS: (also as per instructions from Playstation support).

Rebooted both devices again

Turned off all hardware firewall and security features on the router.
Re-initialized my PS4 (factory reset)
Changed the PS4's DNS setting to point to Google's public servers ( and


Nothing has worked. Googling the error code (CE-38702-0) shows that most people encounter this due to DNS settings on their router, but being a cable modem those settings are locked down. When I asked Optus support if they could change my DNS settings they refused.


Any help would be much appreciated, kind of at my wit's end.

Re: Cannot sign in to PSN network through CG3000v2 Optus Cable


Same issue for me, extremely irritating.



CG3000v1 router

Re: Cannot sign in to PSN network through CG3000v2 Optus Cable


That's very interesting, so maybe the issue is with Optus rather than the modem? I've got a thread open on the Playstation support forums and another Optus cable customer replied with the same issue, also with a different modem:

Re: Cannot sign in to PSN network through CG3000v2 Optus Cable


I just posted a similar issue re: connecting to Netflix through my PS3. Also having the same issue on iPads etc. I have the same modem and it started two or three days ago. I will share any solutions I come across (if I can sole it)!


Re: Cannot sign in to PSN network through CG3000v2 Optus Cable


100% confirmed to be on Optus' end.


Connected to PSN via Telstra 4g, logged in fine. Tried multiple times at different times of the day, worked every single time. PSN has not connected via Optus since Thursday night.



Re: Cannot sign in to PSN network through CG3000v2 Optus Cable


Looks like there's been a stealth fix by Optus, my PS4 is now connecting to PSN again.


Nothing I tried fixed it, it just started working again. Must have been either a DNS or firewall issue at the ISP's end.

Re: Cannot sign in to PSN network through CG3000v2 Optus Cable


@ndobb, are you still experiencing connection difficulties?


@Hammer75, do you have any further updates on this?

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Re: Cannot sign in to PSN network through CG3000v2 Optus Cable


Hi Guys,

Im now running into the same problem, tried eveything mentioned in the previous posts. Only works if i use my 4g mobile share, Consoles can connect to the net (media server works ) but for the life of me cannot log onto the PSN network.

Called Optus and the consultant said theres not much she can do expect to reset things on her side and for me to try my luck in 15 mins, if that doesn't work then i would have to have a technician come investigate.

I really cant be bothered going to all that hassle and concerned that im going to hit with suprise service or technician charges. Anyone have experience with this? 

I've spent so much money on PSN and now can not access my games ( i dl games when i need to play them as my 1tb PS4 and 2 500gb Ps3 is full all the time) i have over 150 digital titles and a single game these days is approx. 20gb to 50gb so i can't be using my 4g internet from my phone.  I can not access psn monthly games or my Netflix and Stan, my Playstations are entertainnent hubs for 3 LCDs so right now im really screwed and going to be bored as hell.

I dont understand how oneday it can just stop working... i know my account isn't hacked or blocked because i can access PSN from the consoles, laptop and phone by tethering my phones 4g optus mobile connection but as soon i try connecting any of these devices using my cable intenet via wifi or cat5 it won't connect. I know Sony is not down!!! That's what's so irritating  and afraid WHAT IF there's no fix because no one will take the time to resolve it, i have a feeling im gonna get the run around and no answers untill one day it will just magically work itself. .. sigh. If Optus can figure it out then i might have to change ISP's which in not happy too do because i was one of the first and orginal optus cable customers.


I'm pretty sure its a DNS problem as i kept getting error msgs in Chrome and the Consoles specifically stating DNS errors, timeout, probe blah blah etc and problems. The playstion website links and Psn Store itself won't work either. I would love to hear from anyone that might know the reason or technical reasons and explanation behind this because im a nerd at heart and fascinated by this problem.


Re: Cannot sign in to PSN network through CG3000v2 Optus Cable


Hi @B4LL1ST1K, really sorry for the hassle. Could you please click on the link below and check if this helps?

Link →

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Re: Cannot sign in to PSN network through CG3000v2 Optus Cable


HI Aman, 

Thanks for the reply!  Being Australia day and all i didn't get to reply straight away, i was away for the evening and got a missed call from optus on my landline. I was curious and decided before calling back i would give it a go and miraculously it works again!  Still didn't get an answer but next time it happens (fingers x it doesn't) ill ask for an explanation then.  Thanks for getting back and if i do get any updates ill post here again.  

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