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Cannot get NBN at new address

Hi all,


I am arranging internet connection for my son at his new address he has just moved into. I have been informed despite the NBN already being in the street and the neighbours being connected to the NBN and the cables from the pole already being connected to the house he cannot get NBN. He lived with me and we had NBN 1 suburb away and my son needs unlimited internet for his studies and existing TV subscription.


I have been told that Optus/NBN are not doing any new connections until September. Also cannot get ADSL or Cable broadband as they have been discontinued now that NBN has been installed. So all three connection types are not available at present. We have been offered wireless broadband but the catch is they only have a 200gig plan on a contracts and no installation fee or an unlimited plan on a month to month at $90 a month and a $199 installation fee. There is no option for a contract to avoid installation fee and the monthly subscription is $30 more than the average monthly subscription form most other suppliers including Optus. 


So in other words despite having the cable to our house we only have 1 choice which is more expensive per month, is slower because it only offers 12/1Mbps and costs more to put in compared to our neighbours who currently have the NBN. I keep seeing the ads for how great the NBN is and hear about how people are still being connected to the NBN but cannot get it at our new address. For some reason, Optus are using some other company called Vividwireless for their unlimited plan and they do not allow a 24 month contract to avoid installation fees and even if they did it would be useless as we could not commit to it if we want to swap over to the NBN when it becomes available in September.


First, it is ridiculous that Optus can advertise a product that is set up in our house but we cannot have it compared to our neighbours. Second, you would think if Optus were not being able to supply one of their products they would have a good alternative that does not penalise people compared to the product they are not able to sell. I know other companies who will offer an alternative product at the same price because they have let their customer down. But this cannot happen because the company offering the one and only alternative is not even Optus. Not good enough Optus.

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Re: Cannot get NBN at new address

Hi @Steve-RW,


In fairness to Optus, there's not a lot they can do. It seems your son's area is HFC and has "gone NBN live" a while ago. Optus would have shut their cable network down a while ago. Due to issues with the NBN HFC network (which uses the Telstra HFC cable) the NBNCo essentially put a pause on all new connections to their HFC network last December. Essentially as mor people connected to the new NBN HFC network the worse the performance got for all others. So for the past six months NBNCo has been continuing the HFC rollout and fixing all existing HFC houses. However if you're not connected you have had to wait. 


The good news is that NBNCo are now announcing this pause is coming to an end. You can check your son's address at the NBNCo address checker although it will probably just say 'on pause' at them moment. There is apparently a big update happening to the list by the end of this week though.


As your son's area was already RFS (Ready for service) then its likely to be one of the first areas announced unpaused. So it may be sooner than September but so far no one actually knows (any dates given by anyone are really just speculation until the NBNCo update that site)



You should also try Telstra to see if they will connect you to their existing cable in the area. They are running that for 18 months after NBN Co go RFS and you might be able to connect with them. When the NBN is reactivated in your area then you can just switch the contract over to a Telstra NBN one.


What street and postcode are you trying to get connected? There may be some other options.




Peter Gillespie


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