Cannot connect my new Cisco DPQ3925 cable modem to my Lan




Just signed up last week for an Optus cable broadband account and the tech installed it last Friday.  It's working (well on wi fi anyway), and I have just discovered it cannot be connected to my internal Ethernet network.  I gather from Whirlpool that Optus deliberately disable this modem so that the bridged mode cannot be used.  Bridged mode is required for a good connection to an existing network.  Other modems from Optus do this out of the box, the Netgear CG3000 being one.


I have had several discussions today with different Optus tech support persons to no avail.  They keep telling me things like:

1. Unplug the modem and re-connect it, or which lights are on? (no, it's actually working so why do that?).

2. Plug one PC into the Ethernet port (no, I don't just want to use it only on only one PC). 

3. If wireless is working then use that instead (Not a realistic solution).

4. And last but not least, we understand your problem but we cannot help.  Contact sales (really?).


How can I get this situation resolved?


Re: Cannot connect my new Cisco DPQ3925 cable modem to my Lan


Hi Rob. If you haven't seen my thread ' Problem with Cisco DPQ3925-x', have a read of it. Personally I have had little luck with the tech support being told basically what you have. One poster set out the steps for bridging the modem and if I have no joy from Optus I'll hopefully give it a go tomorrow. Of course you'll need a router if the bridging works but I'll let you know if I have any joy.


Hope your problems get sorted out.



Re: Cannot connect my new Cisco DPQ3925 cable modem to my Lan


HI Meeshaholly,


No I hadn't read that one (have now thanks).


I had another try to Optus Tech Support late yesterday afternoon and got a very enthusiastic guy who promised he'd get it all working.  At this stage I could no longer connect from my test computer to Internet by Ethernet but could still log in to the modem and check the settings.  Basically involved unplugging all the cables for 5 minutes and turning it on again.  When that didn't work claimed it must be my browser (Firefox).  So we tried another browser (same results, duh).  Then it was the computer.  Tried another computer (yes same results, doh).  Then he reset the modem from his end.  Instant success, and the settings I had changed in the modem were still there.  Oh well that was another hour gone....


He promised to call this morning to get it working 100% (that is by bridging the modem but never called back.  I must admit iwas not expecting him to!


I'll have another go at over the weekend and report back as to how I went.




Re: Cannot connect my new Cisco DPQ3925 cable modem to my Lan


HI Meeshaholly,


Thanks lots for you pointing me to your other posts.  The notes by FlackAttack were invaluable.  Worked like a dream and I'm now happily looking at my notebook plugged into a router!



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