Cannot access webmail


I cannot seem to access my webmail as it says username or password incorrect. I have been using webmail for years. I haven't changed the password. I logged into the primary acccount to try and reset from there but it needs the old password to do this- so cannot change it.

Any advice- as I need to access some emails urgently!

Re: Cannot access webmail


2 days... 2 x 45 min phone calls but I'm finally back in! Long painful process but the staff were very friendly and patient. This process needs to be fixed/ say 2 step verification for password change or something like that.

Re: Cannot access webmail


@Probs - Apologies for the delayed response however I'm glad that you're back in. I understand where you're coming from and am happy to pass on this feedback in regards to our password reset process Smiley Happy

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Re: Cannot access webmail


I have the same issue. your service is third world. I have on numerous times gone to live chat dropped out phoned half the time it does even accept due to long delays.


I cannot not access my email it should be much easier than what webmail provides. your interface is confusing doesnt match to your online articles.


very frustrating company to deal with.

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