I cancel my Optus account as I switch to NBN from Telstra. I called Optus on 20th at 3.00PM and cancel my optus account. Cancellation of optus account was so time consuming as I was trying to contact them since midday on 20th. I was hanged up few times. Even during the cancellation, I was not given any reference number or anything to confirm my cancellation. They said it will be done with in 24 hrs. It is now more than day and a half since my call, it is still not cancelled. What can i do now ??????????????

Re: Cancelation


It has probably been noted and will be acted on. Its regretable that getting a clear confirmation (like an email) is so difficult.


Note that if you're porting landline numbers over to Telstra then you need your Optus account to be live until Telstra has done that. 


Best thing to do is probably wait a few more days and it will get resolved and might cost you an extra $10.  


If you really want to cover your based write a letter to the complaints department just notifying them of your last day and that you have requested the account be closed. Down the track OPtus will ensure they refund any money charged after that date.


Peter Gillespie


PS Make sure you request a satchel to return the Fetch unit from Optus.

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