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Cancel Optus Cable fee

Started an Optus Cable (Broadband only) account service where I was living due working periods at premises in Geebung QLD at end of March this year. Due to health reasons have had to cancel plan and move back to Ballina NSw where there is no Optus cable so unable to use the "Moving home" service (and house there already had an adsl2 Broadband service). So rang on my mobile and cancelled service on 3rd of August and was told it would be done and a bag would be sent to procure return of modems etc.
In snail mail yesterday, got a bill dated 10th August for normal monthly amount of $60.00 and no mension of what the remainder of fee would be for the early cancelled service. Again rang up Optus Billing and was told an amount of $480.49 which is equal to the full amount of the service for the remaining period of contract. Now from everything I have read, if I had a $60.00 OPtus Cable broadband only service it should have had a $300.00 reducing cancellation fee which would mean only $200.00 fee as the account was started at end of march this year and had rang at start of august to cancel meaning only 8 months left in contract.

$300.00 / 12 = $25.00 / month * 8 months left in contract period = $200.00 (plus $5.81 for usage fee from contract cycle date to 3rd Aug. Therefore total to pay of $205.81, not $485.81 as told today by billing department.

Account is/was a $60.00 Optus Cable only (no home phone even though a number is shown on bill, even tried connecting a phone to modem but no dail tone).


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Re: Cancel Optus Cable fee

Hey there,


Your contract termination fee will depend on the contract you signed when you first engaged your service.


I've had a quick look on the Optus website and can see that there was a $60 plan (not sure if this is the one you're on) which defines the cancellation fee as:


The maximum cancellation fee for this bundle is $500 ($200 for the phone service and $300 for the Broadband service). When you recontract, the maximum cancellation fee for this bundle is $100. Cancellation fees decrease during your contract period.


I'd recommend speaking with Optus (phone: 133 937 or live chat: and seeking a breakdown of your final fees, but it might also be worth waiting for your final bill.

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Re: Cancel Optus Cable fee

Unless its not possible for Optus to supply you internet at your new home (ADSL, Mobile Broadband, NBN, etc) then you're still generally obligated to finish out the contract.


That said, Optus can be flexible in these cases so hopefully they'll reduce the amount on review.


Peter Gillespie

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