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Cancel Direct Debit


I wish to know how I can cancel my direct debit authority with Optus.

After cancelling can I still get emailed statements???

What payment methids and charges are applicable then???

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Re: Cancel Direct Debit

Hi @midgo, you will find information on ways to pay your Optus bills on the Optus website, I have linked the page here for you:





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Re: Cancel Direct Debit

Direct debit is a payment method. How you get statements is a seperate issue. If you're getting htem emailed now then you will get them emailed in the future. 


You can cancel a direct debit either buy contacting Optus or your bank. Your bank might say you have to contact Optus but press a little as you can cancel a direct debit via them too.


As for manual payment methods @ktoffetti has provided a link to the options.


Peter Gillespie

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