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Occasional Contributor Maija
Occasional Contributor

Can't get bill.

My snail mail bill came late every month so eventually I got my bills emailed,  I don't get them at all now,  every month I ring and spend hours on the phone asking them to send it,  they say they fix issue and bills will come but each month the same.  My nbn drops out constantly and they offer adjustments which have never reflected on my bill unless I  call and say please check last call records in which they can see a promised adjustment that hasnt been Included on my bill.  They cant get my account to work for me it just goes around in circles telling me I have incorrect username or password so knowing my username we choose to go through forgot password which after following links eventally you go to login and message comes up which allows you to go no further stating you must change your password immediately and you still cant login,  try getting optus to set it up and same thing they just fob you off and say wait 24-48hrs for it to work and it doesnt.  So all options exhausted cant get bill Without lengthy phone/chat calls  cant get adjustments without lengthy calls, cant get dropouts resolved,  and they say solution is to pay by direct debit.  If they could solve dropouts I would be happy to arrange direct debit,  but i wont pay without seeing bill. On how to pay it says direct debit is fee free,  credit card is % and post office bpay is $1.75 but no mention of bpay through bank.  First I want my service fixed,  next I want my bills,  then I  will and can pay.  I dont know why that is so hard for optus to understand.  They tell me they have no control over the nbn service, they cant put me onto nbn but they can charge me for that servoce they have no control over.  Selling something that doesnt work but saying I'm so very sorry to hear you're having problems, I will monitor this personally, I will fix this for you,  I will personally send this email for you and set up email account as it hasnt been set up properly before,  I will call you tomorrow. Nothing gets fixed,  they can't get email set up,  they dont call back,  nobody monitoring anything,  I  have to go through this for hours everyrime I want a bill or fix internet and they eventually say they have no control over nbn,  technical issue in setting up email for bills,  tech suport never pass adjustments on to billing but they can see it was promised and then they expect praise for putting the adjustment on for me and when I  question the payment fee they say I can opt for direct debit.  For starters I wouldnt get the adjustments, its against my better judgement to pay a bill without seeing it first.  Please optus I just want what I  was promised when signing up I'm not asking for adjustments to make it cheaper I am sick of paying for what I'm not getting  and hoping you would be sick of hearing from me complaining,  but it seems its no big deal to discount a few dollars here and there,  for a big company im not even the size of a flea and they dont care,  after my contract runs out they will lose me but they wont care. I really want my service I realky want someone to talk to about my issues they can respond sensibly and not blame everyone else and actually fix something.  How can they charge for something they cant control? 

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Frequent Contributor
Frequent Contributor

Re: Can't get bill.

Just wonering, do you have access to the My Optus App? If you sign up using the same email on your intenet account, (Make sure your email is verified with Optus in your account first) you can actually view your bill on the app. Every time you speak with Tech Support, try retrieving a refrence or ticket or case number from them so that you have a record of whats being done or if you speak to the wrong department, they should be able to update you on whats in your account, what you have done so you dont have to repeat yourself. Also note everyone you speak with and request an sms or email confirmations, so you have record of whats being done and making sure the issue is being escalated and most important, FIXED! Hope I was a little helpful and hopefully things are sorted ASAP.

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