Can't find an account?


I received a DSL modem yesterday after going in store the week before to get internet. Plugged it all in and was all ready to go, but no internet connection? I rang the tech help line and no one is able to get an account number. I thought when I set the account up it was linked to my mobile account I have with Optus but turns out apparently not? They can't seem to help me at all and after 30 mins on the phone I had to leave for an appointment. Rang back today same problem and then the call failed..! Very frustrating. Is anyone able to help or at least point me in the right direction? It's getting very frustrating and stressful! 

Re: Can't find an account?


Oh no! Really sorry to hear that's been your experience Jasmine111 Smiley Sad


Where you provided with an order number at all?


Did the modem come with any account details such as a username?


Did they do a search with your personal information such as home address and full name or even your contact number?


You're welcome to PM me if you need a hand with this still.

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