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Can't call my Optus (NBN) Landline from a Telstra or international number.

I've been trying to get Optus to move me over from ADSL to NBN for over 6 months. After finally getting my neighbour to help me get the service connected I've been going through a living hell of dealing with Optus support. I use my home phone for telephone counselling.


When we were dealing with Optus for the cutover I stated and re-stated that I could not lose my home number. I was repeatedly assured I wouldn't. Guess what? I lost my home phone during the cutover. Luckily my neighbour was able to get the Optus team to put a diversion to my mobile. We then spend dozens of calls/chat messages trying to get the NBN sorted.


On Tuesday last week something happened during the porting process when Optus cancelled the old ADSL service so the NBN service would "come up". This caused an issue with the home phone and since then no-one from a Telstra phone or an international phone has been able to call my home phone. The telephone counselling service I work for sends calls to my home phone and this has stopped working completely. I was told that we needed to get the NBN service working properly so they could diagnose the problem further. The ridiculous thing is that the phone was initially working properly and I could receive calls on my mobile from some numbers and not others. So this is nothing to do with the NBN service.


Since then I finally convinced Optus to send an NBN technical to my property which happened today. The NBN guy fixed a problem in our pit out the front and we got a working NBN service. Of course what still isn't working is my home phone number. The same problem exists. I again messaged with an Optus team member who promised to escalate the issue to the back end team and that it would be resolved. Now Optus have rung me to try and tell me that the issue is with my modem despite me telling them that the problem existed BEFORE the modem was ever connected to the NBN.


I've tried to tell Optus that I need this number to work for my job but I just keep going around and around and around in circles explaining the same problem repeatedly to the next person who answers my chat. I've begged and pleaded and cried and tried to help them understand that without this phone line working I will lose my job. I have no option to escalate this further because everytime I speak to someone I start again from the start... Can you turn off the modem. Can you unplug the cables, can you do the next thing my script tells me.


I'm at my wits end. I need to speak to someone who can actually carry this issue through to the end. I need someone who actually takes the time to understand my problem and not just waste more time by sending me a modem that I know will not work. I've spent six months, six months trying to get this working. All I want is a working service and a working phone so I can do my job.


Does anyone know how to properly escalate a problem like this within Optus? Does anyone know a phone number I can call where I don't speak to someone who has no ability to solve my problem? Should I just sign up with another provide and then go to the Telecommunications Ombusdman to try and get some of my lost income back?


Someone, anyone, please help.

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Re: Can't call my Optus (NBN) Landline from a Telstra or international number.

Hi @WendyY,


This sounds like it has been terribly frustrating and I do apologise for the run around you've had trying to get this resolved. I'll need to seek some advice from our Technical Case Management team about this issue that you're facing with incoming calls from Telstra / International numbers. I'll also ask one of the other Mods to see if there is something else we can do to look at resolving this issue you're facing.


So that we can get this started for you, can you please send us a PM here


Can you please confirm in the PM:


Full Name:


Landline Service Number: 

Are you the account holder? Y/N

Any previous Fault Ticket numbers: 

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