Re: Can't access a non-Optus email account


NetRegistry are following it up!.   I got this the email below from their tech support:


"Yes currently we are aware of the issue of Optus users however currently their servers intentionally blocks access to website and servers like cPanel.  However I will be needing to further investigate can you provide the domain name involve?"


At least they are acknowledging the issue.  I'll let you know if any good comes from it...



Re: Can't access a non-Optus email account



I also spoke at length about this to a sales rep last week from NetRegistry. I advised they needed to escalate it, so hopefully we can finally get some answers.


Re: Can't access a non-Optus email account

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Bypassing their DNS will fix the problem, instructions are found on this URL:


DNS Servers you can try:










Try this and let me know how it goes.

Re: Can't access a non-Optus email account


Yep, see above - I've been using Open DNS or Google DNS for several days now without problems.  It's no longer a problem for me, I've moved my web hosting elsewhere.

Re: Can't access a non-Optus email account


Two things. I have had a response from netregistry, whose advice is to use the ip address instead of the

And I'm now getting the same issue through Telstra, though not all the time.

But I'll be changing over to another DNS, as mentioned above, so hopefully that is the end of the problem of Optus and netregistry.



Re: Can't access a non-Optus email account


Works well

I have tested this with DNS at openDNS and Google and no longer have connection problems


My advice is to anyone with this problem is to change the DNS as it will certainly be a lot less frustrating and quicker than waiting for the "technical gurus" at Optus or Netregistry to work out how to speak to each other in any sort of language they may understand, even if they want to solve the problem!


Thanks to you and Helldad for this easy fix!

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