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New Contributor

Can other modems be used for vividwireless plan?

My area doesn't have NBN yet and ADSL2+ is really slow like 2.5mbps.

There's no cable can be connected so I must use wireless plan for my home network.

So my question is, is it possible to use other modems like Netgear for vividwireless plan?

I saw Optus article it says, Huawei modem already has their sim card inside and this sim cannot be used with any other modems.

But I saw articles some people use other modems for vividwireless with no issue.

What is true?

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Respected Contributor

Re: Can other modems be used for vividwireless plan?

Only the single device provided by Vividwireless can be used.


In the past Vividwireless used a different system called WiMax and that had several devices available (this network has been compeltely shut down)

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