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Can I use two modem router? (one is only for Wifi and the other is only for Phone Service)

here's a some background.
i'm currently using an Optus-supplied modem (Sagecom F@ST 3864V2) in our house with an NBN connection (not sure what type tho). and unfortunately due to the large amount of devices connected to it ( 11-14 devices) the modem tends to overload and restart... it doesnt happen very often but it does from time to time....generally the solution is to just disconnect other devices...but sometimes even with only few devices are connected it still tends to restart ( I assume its because the modem is really old i guess? been using it for 5 years now).and the connection is also quite slow (the modem is a bit far away from my room..and there;s only 1 ethernet connection in the house and thats on the living room...where the modem is connected). So consider replacing it with a different modem router with more features (e.g with a 5GHz band option or better chipset)..but after doing some chat with Optus's chat service and asked about this, I found out that if I replace the Optus-supplied modem with a non-optus modem, the phone service will no longer work..
so here's my question. would it be alright to use two modem router? one is ONLY for wifi and the other is ONLY for phone service...
and also, how would I know what type of NBN connection we have? (confused cause my parents told me we're using NBN but all I can see is the router lol)

(i'm also considering to just use a REALLLY LONG ethernet cable if this solution will not work....this'll be a last resort)

Now if the 'two modem' option is fine, is there any compatibility  I need to consider? ('i'm planning to get this one : TP-Link Archer VR400 AC1200 Wireless VDSL/ADSL Modem Router - NBN Ready )
if its not then just ignore this question

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Re: Can I use two modem router? (one is only for Wifi and the other is only for Phone Service)



There has been many discussion on this topic, do a quick search on BYO modem Smiley Very Happy


here is one to get you started


The quick answer is Yes/NO. You can have 2 modems but one needs to act as a modem and the other just for the VOIP. There are few options. The easiest way is the connect a new stronger WIFI router to the exisiting Optus modem . The Optus modem will handle the VOIP(telephone) and the New Router will create a network from that point. 

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Re: Can I use two modem router? (one is only for Wifi and the other is only for Phone Service)

Some definite options. First thing is to work out what NBN tech you have. Perhaps contact your ISP and ask them? Try the NBN Address checker (although I don't know if that shows type once connected.)


Once you find out which then what options you have can be explored


Peter Gillespie

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