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Can I speak with someone in Australia?


I had the most unpleasant time with a customer service "Team Leader" yesterday. I had made complaint, on behalf of someone, about a stuff up on his account. Since the complaint was escalated to the Customer Relations Group, he refused to do anything for me, and he had the audacity to ask if I understand simple English!! And also accused me of using swear word, which I DID NOT!!


When I asked to speak to someone in Australia, he refused to do so. I asked if I can speak to someone else, he refused as well. Then I asked if there's a complaint department, you know what? he said "there's no complaint department"! Seriously?


I don't want to sound like a racist here, but your Indian call center does a terrible job in dealing with customer's complaints. You should give them options to have call transfer back to Australia.


Re: Can I speak with someone in Australia?


My understanding of escalating a complaint through to a group like that is that you would need to wait for them to handle it for you.


What's the point in escalation to a specific complaints channel if you want to continue discussing it with someone else? It really defeats the purpose.


I would just wait for them to contact you back & discuss with them. Anything between now and then is just going to frustrate you further - what's the point?

Re: Can I speak with someone in Australia?

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I am not saying that I don't want to wait, but when I ask to speak to someone in Australia, they should be able to transfer me, Optus is an Australian company after all.


And why do I have to put up with such bad attitude from someone in an Indian call center?


Yesterday he promised that the CRG will DEFINITELY call me by the end of business day, you know what? By the end of the business day, I only had an SMS saying the CRG got my reference and I will be contacted within 10 working days! Why did he make such definitely promise while he knew nothing about it???



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Optus are actually owned by Singtel & Australia is a multi-cultural country.


I definitely understand where you're coming from & completely get your frustration with a poor experience... These are of course only my thoughts and I've dealt with plenty of companies where I've had a poor experience both within & outside of OZ and an amazing experience both within & outside of Oz.

Best to just wait for the complaints guys to get in touch & discuss with them.

Re: Can I speak with someone in Australia?


Bubba, thanks for your understanding.


Of course I know Optus is owned by Singtel, however, this company is NOT based in India, NOR has Indian clienteles. It's all very well for Optus to outsource their call center to save money, but why is it impossible to speak to someone in Australia while I strongly requested to be transferred.


I'd also make a complaint to the Singtel head office if I have to, however, as this is an issue within Australia, I'd like to deal with someone in Australia, NOT India.


Again, this is not about I don't want to wait for the call back as you keep saying in your replies that I should just wait. This is about the extremely poor (I wouldn't even call it service) that I received from the Indian call center.


You might be working for Optus, but I have right to express my feelings, and I have the right to keep calling to discuss the same issues.

Re: Can I speak with someone in Australia?

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Actually, I don't.


I hope you get it all sorted out when the group give you a call.

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Really sorry to hear bazza72 Smiley Sad The CRG team is the highest level of escalation within Optus and you will be contacted within 10 business days of them receiving your complaint. We do have call centres in India, Philippines and Australia however it is not possible to route a call to any particular country as it is just given to the next representative available to take the call.  Having said that, every representative should be able to deal with any issue and escalate to their team leader if they aren't able to resolve your concern.

Re: Can I speak with someone in Australia?


Nghi, thanks for your reply.


No doubt that most of your representatives are able to handle general issues and escalations to team leaders. However, if you read my initial post again, my issue was about the bad attitude I got from a "Team Leader", and I had such bad attitudes from two team leaders last week, and both of them are from the Indian call center.


What should I do when a bad service is from a team leader? I was not even allowed to speak to someone else higher than a team leader!


According to your website about complaint handling procedures -

"If our consultants or managers are not able to resolve your concerns, we will refer your complaint to our Customer Relations Group. We will provide you with a complaint reference number and within 48 hours your complaint will be allocated to a dedicated Customer Relations Case Manager. Your Case Manager will provide you with their direct contact details."


First, I DID NOT receive a "complaint reference number". Second, it's been definitely more than 48 hours (my complaint was referred to CRG on 12 Aug 2015), but I still haven't received any information about my "dedicated Customer Relations Case Manager", let alone his/her direct contact details. All I had received was an SMS, telling me that CRG will contact me within 10 working days, no "complaint reference number", no "Customer Relations Case Manager" details.


I had no usable internet data on my account, the team leaders refused to do anything about it, CRG takes 10 working days to call me back. Now you tell me, are you expecting me to be ok without being able to use my home internet for 2 weeks??



Re: Can I speak with someone in Australia?


@bazza72, We can definitely pass on your feedback regarding the experience you had on Thursday. What's happening with your internet service? Is it something we can help with? Do you have a fault report number that we could look into?

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Re: Can I speak with someone in Australia?


I have had the same problems with optus, they don't follow their own policies which they refer to in correspondence with you. We have had zero satisfaction since changing to optus. Poor service, poor management of problems, all they do is pass the problem from one desk to another and never fix the problem. If I sold something to optus that didn't work they would sue me, but optus seems to be able to sell a broken service that doesn't work and then send you threatening messages if you don't pay for the privilege of having an internet service that doesn't work. And you can't contact any one to complain. I have spent over ten hours on hold so far with no result. If any potential customers read this do yourself a favour don't go with optus you will regret it

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