Re: Can I please be upgraded.


I had brought that up in store for when I did get a new "sim card" same plan because originally the sim was the big guitar pick styled card so it doesnt fit into the newer model phones, I did however buy an optus homezone from an old corner shop in my local shopping mall, and thought I'd give that a try because I'm in dense country side basically so hard wire internet isnt much of a go out here, but alas that service is discontinued I realize looking into the issue as to why so it makes sense. But yeah I decided as inconvenient it is to be capped on a 3g network, the current perks ar far too good to give up haha sad life hahaha

Re: Can I please be upgraded.


Thanks for the update, always good to have a conclusion.

For a consolation for normal use 4g is only a small  improvement on 3g.

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