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Caller ID has changed

(previously posted on Wifi & Home Zone - wrong forum) 

I have an issue with Caller ID.

I have Optus NBN with Home Phone

Until recently mobile calls were coming in with the full 04 prefix number. Now they are showing as 6124 prefix, obviously as a result of a software upgrade and therefore caller ID no longer matches with the numbers stored on my home phones.
So I stored the new numbers , but they are no good to use for dialing out as Optus does not recognise the 6124 prefix numbers as valid.
What can I do to resolve this ?

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Re: Caller ID has changed

Sorry for the delay getting back to you, @BaronBic. That's a strange one 😐 In this case, given that you've only faced this issue since performing a software upgrade, I'll need you to log your fault with our Tech Support team here, or by calling 131344. You'll be given a PR or fault reference number after you've spoken with them, which we can use to give you updates on any movements with your case.

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