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New Contributor rdrrrdrrr
New Contributor

Call Divert: Landline vs NBN Phone

Using call divert feature code *78 operates differently on "ordinary" landlines vs NBN home phones.

A Google Search for "OPTUS Home phone features" point you to a page on the Optus website and  "Get to grips with your new land-line phone".   On call diversion it says:-

Lift the receiver and listen for the dial tone:
• Press the Divert On hotkey on your Optus handset and dial *78 and
wait for a dial tone.
• Punch in the number you want to divert calls to.
• Wait for the confirmation tone (2 short beeps) then hang up

This DOES NOT WORK on Optus NBN home phone via NBN.   If you dial *78,  the system just hangs up on you immediately after 2 beeps.  No dial tone to allow you to enter the number you want to divert to.

The Yes Crowd search for "Call divert" help turns up the following instructions:-

  • Listen for a dial tone
  • Dial *78
  • Enter the phone number you want to divert to (including the area code for Fixed Line numbers)
  • Listen for two short beeps (this confirms the diversion is active)

If you are accustomed to the old system and follow these instructions step by step, the system also hangs up on you after step 1 (Dial *78) and you don't get an opportunity to enter the divert number.

On Optus NBN home Phones you have to enter *78<Number to divert to> as one string of numbers with no gaps.

Maybe OPTUS could make this clearer on their website. 


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Online Community Manager
Online Community Manager

Re: Call Divert: Landline vs NBN Phone

Thanks heaps for this very valuable feedback, rdrrrdrrr!

We have forwarded it on to our help and support team to review.

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