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Mobile Outage Northern NSW has now been resolved 2PM AEDT
Occasional Contributor ZeeD
Occasional Contributor

Re: Call Divert: Landline vs NBN Phone

Hi Colin,

Not exactly sure I understand what's happening, but if you don't want call diversion or voicemail, optus should be able to switch it off permanently for you, but you need to ask for that or you may be able to do it online through your account......
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Contributor ColinHarry

Re: Call Divert: Landline vs NBN Phone

To probably need to read my previous stuff.

Pretty boring but in a nutshell:

Three times now over the past year or so I have suddenly noticed that our Home Phone is not a-ringin' .

Found out from HELP that Call diversion was set to be on.

Wasn't requested by us.

Optus of course fixed it. But they caused it too.

And this happened again a few weeks later and now, last week it happened again.

We did NOT ask for any Call divert to be set.

Very inconvenient, I'm sure you would agree.

It appears that Landline 'Phones (NBN) require you to test regularly to check that the line actually works as paid for.


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