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What the hell is going on with optus. Due to bad service if had to call their call centre over 5 times in the last 4 months. The wait time is never less than 30 minutes. This morning I gave up after an hour. Currently I've been waiting 40 minutes and counting.


Stay away from Optus if you expect better service. I'm cancelling my service as soon as possible.

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Yes I think anything beyond 30 minutes is getting a bit ridiculous. The live chat could be an option however I believe that suffers from the same issues from time to time. Is there something the forum members can help you with or does it need intervention by an Optus staff member?



Re: Call Centre Long Wait Times


Totally understand your frustration @Mariusvs. Our call centre staff are working hard to get the call volumes down and offer assistance to customers as soon as they call. 

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Re: Call Centre Long Wait Times


Aman - this is an interesting response.

Your call centre staff are working hard to get the call volume down? Surely they should be working hard to handle the call volume - not prevent people from calling.

In the contact centre industry companies have targets for speed of answer, generally expressed as a certain percentage of calls answered in a certain amount of time (eg 80% of calls answered in 120s). This target is used to determine the required staffing levels. Making staff work harder will not suddenly magically make you hit this target - staffing properly will.

What is this target for the different Optus queues? Is it being met?

Re: Call Centre Long Wait Times


Optus on hold for 1 hour and 20 mins after being transferred to 5 people and no solution apart from the department has closed? Now I need to call back tomorrow again. Where has customer service gone? This is a huge disappointment.

Re: Call Centre Long Wait Times


Not to mention pointlessly long menus, no queue indicators, no options for a callback.

Last-century stuff.

Once upon a time you'd be happy to be with Optus just because they weren't Telstra, but their service really is bad now

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