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Cable to NBN rollover

i am currently on $90 cable service i got a letter saying that NBN is enbale in my area and i would like to know

if i swith over to NBN do i have to start a new contract if my cable service is no longer on a contract 

my cable service we be discounted by 1st november 2017 if i do not change over

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Frequent Contributor

Re: Cable to NBN rollover

Yes, you have to have a new contract as it is a new service.  You can ask for any money left on your old cable account to be rolled over into your new account.

-Think carefully about the speed you want and how much download you want.

-You will get a new Sagecom modem that is an "AC" modem.  Basically it allows 2.4 Ghz (the old system) and 5Ghz wifi.  5 Ghz doesn't travel as far as the old system BUT the speeds you get are phenominal...almost the same as a direct ethernet connection.  If you decide to take advantage of 5Ghz you'll need to buy a new internet adaptor for you PC.  Look on Ebay as they are cheap there.  Make sure the description says "dual band AC- 2.4/5 GHz".

-Your landline phones will now run through your new modem.  You can make your old landline phones work by running a male to male RJ phone line from the modem to a phone can use a piggyback plug adapter if need be.


Good luck.