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With a new Optus Cable serrvice and without asking for premium speed service, what download speed should I expect? I am currently getting 5Mbps. I was with iiNet where I got 8Mbps. My neighbour is with Optus Cable and they get 30Mbps. Is there something in my account that limits the speed or is it a hardware/installation issue? Opinions welcome.

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Welcome aboard @mrje! Speeds will differ based on several factors. Are you connecting via wifi or Ethernet? What times are you noticing this speed - is it during a specific time frame or always?

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Re: Cable speeds


most of the time its because optus takes on new customers and doesnt seem to think increasing bandwidth for basically a dead network and then they do maintenance and 3 months later in screws up again and they wonder why, its sad fact that is true :/


like there meant to be doing maintenance in my area and still beeen waiting for it to be fix


the worst thing is that they dont email any of their customers to say hey were doing fixes in your  at X time and X day

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everyday once it hits midday it always hits this    



                               2 UP

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Thank you for the reply. This has been an experience in how different modems can give different behaviour.


Briefly, here are the typical results:

(1) Wifi to FritzBox modem to iiNet ADSL2+ => 8Mbps

(2) LAN to FritzBox modem to iiNet ADSL2+ => 8Mbps

(3) Wifi to FritzBox modem via LAN to Optus Cable modem => 20Mbps

(4) Wifi to Optus Cable modem => 5Mbps

(5) LAN to Optus Cable modem => 26Mbps


In short, if there was a problem, it was temporary. Notice the interesting Wifi speeds between modems. Could it be that the Netgear throttles the Wifi speed - probably a good thing.

Re: Cable speeds


@mrj4e I'm glad to hear that things seem to be on the mend Smiley Happy Please don't hesitate to let us know if you're needing a hand with anything else! 

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