Re: Cable speed very slow during night time


Just in the evenings that I’m aware of so far. Daytime speed is acceptable.


Re: Cable speed very slow during night time


HI @Big-A, certainly give Tech Support a call to start with so they can assess this for you. 


Re: Cable speed very slow during night time


My family purchased the exact same bundle also went for the 80mbp/s download one 2 years ago, however at night I don't even get 10mbp/s I'll be lucky to get 2mbp/s, there is no one other than me using the internet at night time so there's a max of 3 devices connected. The thing is I've phoned them multiple times and they said they'll fix the issue the tell us it's be resolved and nothing has changed. And here is the worst part although I specifically signed for the 80mbp/s bundle for $90 they gave me 30mbp/s they also said in the phone calls these will be fixed and for 2 years nothing was changed the contract is nearing its end and I was supposed to have my HFC NBN ready on the 8th of December and there was when I learnt the harsh truth of HFC NBN has paused construction to "make improvements" to it meaning I won't get NBN until mid way 2018 which is way after my contract end...

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