Re: Cable speed throttled to 256 kbps even when plan data allowances not reached


You're welcome Peter.

NBN Fixed Wireless speed throttled to 256 kbps

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I’ve had the same plan unlimited & home phone, for 4 years and regularly use 250 to 455 Gb per month. This month a week after billing I began to receive texts and emails telling me that I’ve used 50%, then 85% and then 100% of my 100GB mobile broadband and will be throttled at 256kbh or something like that. I contacted Optus and was told ‘No, you have an unlimited plan so there must be a mistake, please ignore messages’

the next day the service had gone from a usual consistent and reliable speed just under 20 to .25. (That’s point 25! Unusable)

I knew that work was going on with the towers nearby so I was being patient (and unable to use NBN for nearly a day!) 

Rang Optus tech support to be told NO you do not have unlimited plan, you have 100Gb data and that’s why it’s slow as you’ve used all your data. Refused to believe me and hung up the phone on me. (I was not rude, just frustrated at not being believed)

Staff are unable to look at my previous usage, apparently, as I am on a ‘legacy plan’ That is; I am a long time customer and this is a very disappointing experience (and there have been others with the call centre). I was also told that this plan commenced in August 2017, yet when I was last instore recontracting, it was December of last year.

Family has a couple of mobiles and iPads as well with Optus but I think after all these years, it may be time to move on soon. The right hand never knows what the left is doing and customers floundering in the middle.

(The system can’t seem to cope with legacy plans/customers as they couldn’t even find me on the system instore the other day no matter what info I gave them)


Re: NBN Fixed Wireless speed throttled to 256 kbps


Hi sinderella,
Thank you for raising this issue.

Disappointing to hear about your overall experience.

We can't look into account specific details on the forum, you can however Chat with us or please send a PM to Optus on Facebook or a DM on Twitter with the details (copying and pasting the above with your account details).


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Re: NBN Fixed Wireless speed throttled to 256 kbps


Happened again this month. They can see that for years I have used between 200and 500 G per month but now my NBN service is throttling after 100 G and they’re telling me I need to upgrade another $10  per month to receive unlimited! So they’ve changed my plan from what I’ve initially signed up for when connected 4 years ago (an unlimited data plan) OUT OF THE BLUE and it starts throttling after 100G! Go figure..... had to agree to another $10 a month to keep it going at a usable level or it goes to an unusable speed of 256kbph.... Watch out for the SELF CHANGING NBN PLAN.... One minute unlimited, the next THROTTLED!

  one more incompetence and I AM signing up with an Aussie provider


Re: NBN Fixed Wireless speed throttled to 256 kbps


All Optus contracts expire (usually after 12-24 months). After that they go to a month to month proposition. Traditionally Optus just continues on in the same terms but more recently Optus has been using 'bonus data' clauses that are designed to disappear after the contract ends. But regardless when on a month to month arrangement both you and Optus are free to change the terms each month. The good news is that you are on a month to month arrangement and on the NBN. Switching providers or negotiating a better deal is quite straight forward. 


Peter Gillespie

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