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Long time OPTUS customer. I currently have a netgear CG3000 - 1 STAUS wireless modem router. I use a netgear range extender to get coverage in the rear bedrooms. Get a lot of drop outs/slow speeds at times. I spoke about this with OPTUS , saying what I really wanted was an upgrade to my current setup that had better range. Today I received a SAGEMCOM FASTNET 3864OP (white one) and NETGEAR CM 500V router.


1. Have I been sent the wrong modem? Should I have the FASTNET 3864AC - I need wireless connection?

2. Afetr reading reviews (negative) of the SAGEMCOM, should I stay with my current setup or perjaps get a CG3000V2 instead?


Re: Cable modem upgrade question


Hi @voodo, thanks for reaching out Smiley Happy


They've offered you our interim two modem solution. Essentially it's something that we've organised to give our HFC customers the chance to take advantage of A.C Wi-Fi. The Sagemcom modem is a dual band modem that gives you access to the 5GHz band. If we’ve sent out the standard Sagemcom F@st 3864, this has been done in error.


The Sagemcom F@st 3865 with A.C is a black modem. I'm more than happy to organise for the correct modem to be sent out from our end. Are you able to send us a PM with your account details? We need your full name, DOB and account number. If you did want to opt for the standard CG3000V2, that's also an option that's available. Look forward to hearing back.


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