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Cable internet slow or fluctuating speeds



I've been having very persistent speed issues with my cable internet connection for the past 4-6months.


Apart from the usual peak hour congession impacting speed which i've faced since I was conneced years ago, i'm noticing any time of the day the internet crawls to a stop quite frequenly to the point where even google struggles to load.


Given I work from home on a semi frequent basis, this has really impacted my ability to do so and i've been surviving on hot spotting my telstra 4g phone.


Now here is a bit of history with what I have done to date:

1) i've factory reset my Netgear CG3000 v2 and unplugged it for over 10mins etc.. no change noticed

2) i tried to call optus and was told a technician would attend to the issue but no one came

3) i was told i would get a call from Case Management on a specific day, but no one called

4) i called again and was told a technician would be sent again

5) technician came and wasnt even able to run a speed test when connected to the wifi at home as it kept timing out. he gave me a Sagemcom 3864 router and told me to set the exisiting netgear in bridge mode without setting any of it up.


After doing as the technician recommended, the issues have multipled. i'm facing even more drop outs and the wifi range is horrible on this new router.


I've now gone out and purcahsed my own $270 router to make up for the lack of useable equipemnt supplied by Optus. However, i'm still noticing slow speeds, or big fluctuations in speeds, where one instant it will be 1Mbps, and rerunning a speed test straight after will see it go up to 40Mbps. The same issue occurs across wired as well as devices on wifi.


I've attached screenshots of the speeds i've recorded in the past week since the technician paid a visit.

Screenshot_20190310-234342_Samsung Internet.jpgScreenshot_20190310-234419_Samsung Internet.jpgScreenshot_20190310-234606_Samsung Internet.jpgScreenshot_20190311-200550_Samsung Internet.jpg

Screenshot_20190311-234232_Samsung Internet.jpgScreenshot_20190311-234248_Samsung Internet.jpgScreenshot_20190312-065844_Samsung Internet.jpg

I was told no faults have been detected from the Optus end, however clearly there is an issue.


Any help would be appreciated.



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Re: Cable internet slow or fluctuating speeds

You are testing over wifi, it is not infallible especially to interference. And if you work from home, you need a proper business service, not a cheap consumer grade service. 


Can you please get the cable stats from inside the CG3100? if still bridged and hit on “cable stats”.

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Re: Cable internet slow or fluctuating speeds

Thanks for your response. I understand that the screenshots were from a wifi connection, however the same behaviour is occuring on a wired connection.


Agree that if i was working from home 10 hours a day, 5 days a week I would need to invest in a more stable setup, however i'd expect a stable enough connection even through a "cheap consumer grade service". Unforutnately, all other providers only offer ADSL at my current address (with NBN perpetually delayed) so my options are somewhat limited.


My modem is still running in bridge mode. The only page i found with some form of stats, i've pasted below.


Frequency start Value
This field below allows you to modify the frequency the cable modem start with its scan during initialization and registration. Enter the new start frequency and restart the cable modem for it to take effect.
Starting Frequency

<tabindex=-1>Startup Procedure</tabindex=-1>

Acquire Downstream Channel159000000 HzLocked
Connectivity StateOKOperational
Boot StateOKOperational
Configuration FileOKv9873254k;fg87dsfd;kfoA,.iyewrkldJ

<tabindex=-1>Downstream Bonded Channels</tabindex=-1>

ChannelLock StatusModulationChannel IDFrequencyPowerSNR
1LockedQAM25628159000000 Hz7.5 dBmV45.3 dB
2LockedQAM25625141000000 Hz7.4 dBmV45.3 dB
3LockedQAM25626147000000 Hz7.1 dBmV45.4 dB
4LockedQAM25627153000000 Hz7.1 dBmV45.4 dB
5LockedQAM25629165000000 Hz9.3 dBmV45.4 dB
6LockedQAM25630171000000 Hz9.4 dBmV44.6 dB
7LockedQAM25631177000000 Hz9.6 dBmV45.4 dB
8LockedQAM25632183000000 Hz10.1 dBmV44.6 dB

<tabindex=-1>Upstream Bonded Channels</tabindex=-1>

ChannelLock StatusUS Channel TypeChannel IDSymbol RateFrequencyPower
1LockedQAM-6442560 Ksym/sec15900000 Hz38.0 dBmV
2Not LockedUnknown00 Ksym/sec0 Hz0.0 dBmV
3Not LockedUnknown00 Ksym/sec0 Hz0.0 dBmV
4Not LockedUnknown00 Ksym/sec0 Hz0.0 dBmV
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