Cable internet issue. (NSW 2077)


Good morning, I living in 2077 area.

May as you know, our home internet and landline disconnected since yesterday in the morning.

Seriously what happen? My wife have to work at home with your internet but she can't until now.

Please consider monetary back.

Thank you and have a good day.

Re: Cable internet issue. (NSW 2077)


According to the network status page below there is still a cable outage in your area. I would be having a word with billing about a possible credit or something of that nature.

Re: Cable internet issue. (NSW 2077)


I am not sure this post you can find. Anyway, internet outage is happen again today(9 AUG) and the Optus charged for this month's usage usual amount. Why happen every month happen disconnect issue. Befor I mention, my wife work at home with internet. Please recover internet our area. (2077) Thank you in advance.

Re: Cable internet issue. (NSW 2077)


@Kamiru, we haven't listed an outage in 2077 on our Network status page.


Did you contact us when the issue began back in July? 


If so, do you have the fault reference number? 


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