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Cable internet available


Whenever I check my street in the Optus ADSL availability checker, it shows that I can only get ADSL. I'm in an independent unit, residential street on the Southeast melbourne. NBN is only available next march 2020.

I found out that my neighbours have Optus cable connection which they are not using, they using adsl only, My adsl speed is terrible, 3mbps, and the house is far away from the exchange. 

Is there any way I can get a new cable connection, which I believe I need new cabling , may be a commercial quote,

I had a chat with my neighbour, they don't want to use their cable, so is it possible to extend that cable to my property?.




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Re: Cable internet available

NBN took ownership of Optus HFC cable infrastructure and unfortunately later declared it unfit for purpose, so I suspect it won't be feasible. My son rents a home where two overhead coax cables come in from the street, one Optus and the other which is active must have been run in by Telstra or the NBN. If you live near a cell tower, you may wish to consider a temporary economical arrangement using a cellular Mobile Broadband USB key or modem and get a pre-paid SIM Voice& Data SIM or Data Only SIM and convert to an NBN service when feasible. 

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