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Cable install

Hi Optus Team,

Seeking allocation of Problem Manager to issue I have experienced with install of cable service on 2/11/17, see notes below.


2/11/17 10 am - Technician - Praheim arrived to install Cable – we had a discussion re alarm installed which calls out. He advised service is VOIP and could not call out. I advised that I did not want the service installed as I require the alarm to continue calling out to my mobile in the event it is set off. The technician advised that there is a solution, which is used when they install at hospitals and for customers with back to base alarms, however to install the capability, he would require his managers approval and would not be able to complete the install that morning and would go an complete another customer install, with the hope he could come back later in the day. He advised he would call me later.

 2/11/17 – Technician called me back later that day to advise he had managers approval for the capability to complete call outs and would come back to do the install after 2 pm.

2/11/17 – Technician completed install

8/11/17 – I cancelled fixed line service with iiNet

10/11/17 – Received confirmation from iiNet that service was cancelled

11/11/17 – Tested alarm call out – call out failed

13/11/17 – Contacted Optus customer service to advise of issue – Over the course of the call I spoke with four representatives, being customer service and technical support who advised that Optus don’t provide support for alarms. After explaining the commitment provided by the technician, technical support advised me they had booked in a technician to come to my home on morning of 16/11.

16/11/17 – At 10 am I contacted Optus technical support to advise that technician had not arrived. They advised they had no record of a booking. Over the course of this call I spoke to approximately four different customer service and technical support staff advising that Optus don’t provide support for alarms. The tech support team advised they could not help and would not book a technician to come out to my house.

16/11/17 10:10 am – I spoke with Steffi from billing to request resolution of the issue or cancel the service.I had to explain to Steffi what the technician had advised and explained my frustration at having to explain to each and every person the discussion I had had to date. It seemed that none of the details of discussions were being recorded against my account.  Asked Steffi what had been recorded on the day of the 2/11. She advised that the technician had noted an alarm was at the residence and that the install would/was completed later that day. There was a request/order reference” relating to the install which she didn’t recognize. Steffi advised she would contact tech team and call me back.

16/11/ 11:10 am - Steffi called me back and advised she would put me through to the tech team to re book a technician, however I advised that I couldn’t afford to wait  on hold, she advised that I could request call back. Once put through to tech support there was a 30 min wait time and no call back facility. I hung up.

16/11/ 10:20 am – I called back and spoke to Myu. I had to re explain the issue to My and why I was trying to book a technician. My advised me that call back was not available and he would call me back when the queue was short.

16/11/ 6:10 pm billing – Myu called me back and then put me through to tech support.

16/11/17 6:28 pm tech support – Kuheli from tech support advised that there was nothing they could do and that they don’t provide support for alarms.

16/11/17 6:41 pm– I then spoke with Subin from customer support who then put me in a call with Bhvatika from tech support.

16/11/17 6:50 pm – After explaining the circumstances with Bhvatika she advised she would call back with Premium team at approx. 10:30 am on 17/11 to talk about working with this team to configure my modem.

17/11/17 12 pm – I had not received a call back.

17/11/17  1:48 pm – Bhvatika called back and advised I suggested that configuring the modem would not resolve the issue and instead it would be best to talk with the original installer to understand what he installed and what may be the issue. Bhvatika advised she would seek to contact the installer.

17/101/17 4:03 pm – Missed call from Optus

20/11/17 1:00 pm – Request problem manager to be allocated to resolve issue

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Re: Cable install

Can't speak to the Optus response, but have you contacted the alarm manufacturer to see what they recommend for NBN installs?




Peter Gillespie

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Re: Cable install

Hi @VB1,


First off I apologise for the run around you've been given. It's certainly frustrating to receive advice that conflicts with what you were initially advised by the technician. As @petergdownload has mentioned, we'd generally suggest that you contact the manufacturer before making the decision to switch across to Optus cable.


The advice that we usually give out is that back to base alarms and VoIP services don't tend to work reliably together. This can create additional points of failure and compromise your security. I'm really not quite sure of the solution that the technician would have offered. You could always try an IP monitoring system but this is something that you'd need to discuss with the manufacturer of your alarm system. To my knowledge I'm not even aware of a battery operated Cable modem. This would render your alarm system useless in the event of a power outage.

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