Re: Cable download speeds are super slow in the evening


Hi Everyone..

Just having signed up to cable (30Mbps Plan unlimited), I have to report the same failings as most are reporting here. The connection I have monitored is on average worse that the connection I swapped from (ADSL2+), and it costs me more..??

I will be honest and say I thought I was getting more pipe (3 times) but infact I am now getting a rediction  20 or so percent (my average is about 10Mbps, getting as low as 5Mbps , and with a peak of over 25Mbps). This makes particully a bitter pill to swallow. I would attach a log file to show the connection stat for the 24 hour day but I can't.

When I looked at the connection state on the router It showed a large number of collisions on the WAN (not the WLAN)..

Of course this is worse in the evenings and prime time, as is the case for contened media.

Post code is 3088..

Does any one have an idea if this willbe resolved?


Re: Cable download speeds are super slow in the evening


Hey JB_007 - if you still haven't noticed an improvement, I would recommend having a chat with our tech guys on 131344 so that it can be investigated further. They can run through some troubleshooting & check to see if there's any upgrades scheduled to occur in the area. 

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Re: Cable download speeds are super slow in the evening


Speeds are getting worse.  Had an Optus level 2 tech out on the weekend and this is my speed test results;
Interesting that the Australian consumers watchdog is starting to ask questions about advertised speeds when compared to actual.

Last Result:
Download Speed: 7593 kbps (949.1 KB/sec transfer rate)
Upload Speed: 792 kbps (99 KB/sec transfer rate)
Latency: 11 ms
Jitter: 25 ms
10/04/2017, 21:36:12

Re: Cable download speeds are super slow in the evening

I have phoned about this issue several times over the last couple of months and it is just getting slower at night. Last time they told me nothing they could do about congestion but put me on the speed pack as a good faith. So now in the morning I get 50, 60, 70 down, but at night when I want to use the internet, I am writing 2 to 3 down. I am paying $90 a month or so and getting crap internet at night. Why? When does this get fixed? If I get a fraction of the speed, I should pay a fraction of the monthly bill. NOT HAPPY JAN!
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