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Cable disconnection advice and final invoice from Optus


I received in late February advice that my cable connection will be disconnected on the 26th of April 2019 (with, on the back page "or any time in the following 6 week processing period")


I consider that a notice to disconnect on the 26th of April 2019 since I can't just wait around for up to 6 weeks wondering is this the day they disconnect me


I've made my choice with NBN provider and it isn't Optus due to lack of IPv6 and not being able to run my own SIP equipment due to Optus refusing to divulge SIP credentials (something EVERY OTHER PROVIDER does without hesitation)


Therefore, it's quite surprising to find what I would consider my FINAL invoice from Optus has included 1st to 30th April, rather than 1st to 25th, adding an extra 5 days for NO SERVICE


I've calculated the 25/30 proprotion of the fixed amounts in the bill (internet, phone, speed boost), added the other charges and I've also added the ludicrous $0.90 fee for using a credit card to pay and have paid appropriately


I do not expect to hear from Optus regarding the $20.00 or so I've calculated as an OVERCHARGE by Optus


Goodbye and thanks for all the fish

Re: Cable disconnection advice and final invoice from Optus


Okay I'm going to respond to this post in a few different ways to help you... note that I'm not staff (I used to be a CSC member before it all got off-shored).


You consider that notice to disconnect on XX/YY

Your consideration aside, Optus through the ACCC and the ACMA have permission to disconnect Cable services within 90 days of the NBN being declared RFS due to the fact the network is being retired and binned. Optus are following their legal obligation to state that your service will be canceled on this date or within 6 weeks of that date.


I cant sit around and wait

So don't, pick up the phone and say "I'm with another provider, please cancel the service as of XX/YY". 


Optus does not release the SIP details that others providers do

Your post is both factually and physically incorrect, currently iiNet, Internode, TPG, Exetel, Optus and Telstra DO NOT release the details because of support costs. There are 1000's of pieces of SIP equipment out there, and it's not physically possible to support every possible outcome, including power users who run their own phone systems. Aussie provides the details but DO NOT provide support which most people would need who aren't extreme power users.


But I got a bill charging me for those 5 days

Correct, that bill for April would have been processed prior to your alleged disconnection date. They would still be charging for the service that is NOT YET disconnected by your own statements. However, the May invoice, if you were disconnected on 26/04, would reflect the adjustment back for the cancellation date. Given that you have now chosen another provider, there is nothing stopping you picking up the phone and saying "Hey Optus, you can cut me off now, I'm set up".


So to be clear, you would receive an adjustment back on the final invoice POST the actual disconnection being processed. No provider and I mean NONE can say "Well we said this, so before we do anything we'll only bill you for that", as no billing system in the world takes that into consideration. When you get that final invoice, anything owed less the adjustment back will be the final bill, and should there be adjustments owing to you, you can simply contact Optus to get that refunded within 10 working days.

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Re: Cable disconnection advice and final invoice from Optus

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It's not an alleged disconnection date, it's the date Optus informed me that my service WILL BE DISCONNECTED


So, they don't need to send me any bill with adjustment "post disconnection" - as far as I'm concerned, they disconnected 6 days ago, BECAUSE THEY TOLD ME THEY ARE DISCONNECTING ON THE 26th APRIL


It's not rocket surgery, it's a plain and simple fact that I received not one but two letters from Optus stating this fact


Re: Cable disconnection advice and final invoice from Optus


What Jeneral__Pain advised is correct, customers can't be issued a pro-rated final bill in advance. 

If there is money owing to Optus or vice versa, this will be reflected on your final bill issued in May.

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Re: Cable disconnection advice and final invoice from Optus


As I said, I've prorated my last payment - they're quite welcome to bill me $0.00

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