Re: Cable congestion during peak hours in Canley Heights NSW


Hey guys, i also live in the canley heights area, i had optus cable with a speed pack in 2013 and had similar problems. I've recently moved back into my parents place, and still have the same problem (BUT WORSE). 

Have u guys been recieving discounts on your optus bill? or are u still paying the full amount hoping for a resolution?

Re: Cable congestion during peak hours in Canley Heights NSW


It's definitely a lot worse now - congestion starting from noon all the way to midnight. This pretty much makes it completely unsuable any time I want to actually use it.


I'm still paying the full price and being extremely fustrated here, I'm essentially paying $100 every month for nothing, literally nothing. We're being ignored and discounts aren't going to help as long as Optus choose not to do anything about this - which is what seems like they're doing. We're not even worth the time for a reply from them. Absolutely disgusting.

Re: Cable congestion during peak hours in Canley Heights NSW


Hey Guys! I've just spoken to my Network Engineers about the NODE at Canley Heights, they have confirmed that they will be looking to upgrade the capacity in mid-late June 2015 Smiley Happy This should alleviate some of the probs you've been experiencing recently.

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Re: Cable congestion during peak hours in Canley Heights NSW

[ Edited ]

So once again the problem has been delayed. From the start of January to the end of May and now to the end of June. Forgive me if I don't believe any "promises" about upgrades but your service doesn't provide a great track record... Are we being forced to pay the full price for another 2 months for.. absolutely nothing? Can't get any work done, extremely difficult to browse/load webpages (2 and a half minutes for just googling something) and virtually impossible for online gaming and I'm evidently not the only person. It's no longer an internet service, it's pointless. However, it still begs the question - are you going to do ANYTHING else to alleviate the mistake that's been going on for months - or are you just going to slowly shift the problem further up the calender.

EDIT: Even Optus Speed Test refuses to fully load for me to get an accurate speed test.

Re: Cable congestion during peak hours in Canley Heights NSW




I've exactly the same issues with you in Glen Waverley, Vic. Optus came out with an attractive package of $90 with 100Mbps but can't cater to the network - poor planning and forecast from Optus Management. My network is only  around 6Mbps every night. Three technicians came and trialed and error to replace many components but problem persisted.


The case officer offered me bailing out of the 24 months contract without any further compensation. Obviously Optus has not considered how much inconvenience customers has put in to switch from one ISP to another and now going to move to another provider, apart from the investigation time. Arranging for technicians was also a nightmare where they turned out twice on the wrong timing and didn't call 30min before turning up.  Technicians who came also feedback many customers feedback on congestion issues. As you rightly mentioned, no estimated timeframe to upgrade or resolve issue congestion problem.


Also at the same time, I signed up two mobile phone plans with Optus. With much "surprises", calls have been dropped and no receiption in many metropolitian shopping centres consistently, even at my own home. They have to provide me with some device to boost my signal at home.


I can't image how such company can survive in the next five years with such quality and customer service. I always thought Optus is just one step/band behind Telstra; with such bad experiences, I believe there will be much to play catch up.

Re: Cable congestion during peak hours in Canley Heights NSW


Hey people. try using morning radio AM 693 or 774 talk back to vent your frustration. I'm sure 693 3AW would love to follow up on this story. That was vodafones downfall, they ignored the bad customer service and literally the business fell to pieces after all the media exposure! Go for it.

Re: Cable congestion during peak hours in Canley Heights NSW


Hi sickelz, 


Did they eventually resolve the issue?

I am having exactly the same issue with an unlimited cable bundle in Telopea. I actually used to be on a capped bundle (300 gig) and never had any issues, until I climbed onto an unlimited bundle then I started experiencing exactly the same issue -- off-peak up to (even exceeding) 100 Mbps, peak 3-4 Mbps

Re: Cable congestion during peak hours in Canley Heights NSW


Yep... Same $90 plan, same story. I used to have capped and it didn't go slow, now with unlimited -- exactly the same, signed up almost the same time as you -- Telopea NSW.

Do you reckon this is a localised issue (based on geographical location) or just a widespread issue all over the Optus network? 

Re: Cable congestion during peak hours in Canley Heights NSW


Hey n3r0t0x1n,


Nope not yet, my internet is so slow at this time, 2mbps that I have trouble logging to reply to your post.


My area definitely has this issue. A few of my friends in this suburb have the same speed issue as me and it is consistently happening during peak periods. Some of our fellow posters in my area are seeing the same, and some from other areas seeing similar.. could be multiple areas, not too sure. I wouldn't be suprised though - High churn rate from other telco's have got to put some load on current infrastructure. It's the worst it has been since I had Cable with them over 15 years ago.


For me, I am able to hit above 50 to max 100Mbps from say, 3AM to early afternoon around lunch time or so, then it starts to taper around 4PM ish.. it'll drop to about 5-20Mbps. It goes down hill from here.


Then the worst is probably around dinner time when most people are home. It's 0.5 - 2Mbps until midnight. Slow enough that you can barely record or watch Fetch TV. Sometimes, the ping can be extremely high - very unstable.


For your area, I'm not too sure. If you're on the speed pack - Try to run a test early morning and see how you go, you should be able to achieve something decent, and if its consistently slow during peak hours, day in day out - I think your area might have some issues with congestion.


Hollie from the Optus Social team mentioned earlier that our area has got an upgrade in Mid to late June. So I'm waiting for that. Im hoping they stick to their word because other have been told similar things only to have no resolution. I'm not going to let that happen though.


I reckon (if you haven't already) hit up the tech support guys to see what they say for your area.. Most likley they'll spill the beans and tell you that you're not the first person to tell them that..




Re: Cable congestion during peak hours in Canley Heights NSW

I went to telco obudsman. Not much of assistance rather than requiring Optus for a formal response. An easy way out from Optus is "you can get out of the contract earlier". However, I'm not happy with this as it has wasted so much time from consumer switching from a different ISP, trouble shooting and informing others of change in home phone. Not customer focus at all without any estimation. Most disappointingly and ironically I saw Optus revenue and bottomline in the recent reporting increased significantly- so why aren't they spending CAPEX to increase the nodes to 16 in our areas to minimise congestion and providing customers what they paid for?
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