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Cable congestion during peak hours in Canley Heights NSW



Just wondering if anyone else in Canley Heights are experiencing severe congestion during peak hours.


I am on the fastest speed pack and can hit close to 100Mbps in the mornings so things seem good around that time.

Speeds start to drop after 11am or so,

Roughly from 3pm onwards until midnight, speeds drop to 4Mbps at most with increased latency. That's probably the worst point around that time frame.

It can get worse on the weekends. The speed drop during the congested hours are pretty consistent for me.


Gave the Tech Support team a call, they mentioned that users in my area are experiencing the same and that 'work' was under way without ETA on resolving the congestion issues. He said he'd drop me text updates but hadn't provided any reference numbers etc and I've got no update.



Previous to this, we've had congestion issues in the area before too and I think there were planned upgrades to resolve that maybe a year or two ago.

Speed has been pretty bad for the past few months probably due to lots of customers joining on the unlimited bundle perhaps.


Just seeing if anyone else is having speed issues in the area and maybe someone from the Optus crew can help follow this up for me/ other affected customers.






Re: Cable congestion during peak hours in Canley Heights NSW


Hiya sicklez! Sorry for the slow speeds you've been experiencing here. Maybe shoot us your details thanks. We'll check into upgrades and give you an update


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Re: Cable congestion during peak hours in Canley Heights NSW


There is known issues on the Fairfield Nodes with network congestion on the CTMS and also with accessability.. they had 8 channel bonding upgraded not long ago. So it is wide spread within your location of Canley Heights and surroundings. Your best to get your contract cancelled and be released without charge and go to another provider such as Telstra.

Views expressed herein are of my own. I have no affiliation with Optus nor am I an optus rep or an Optus apologist. My views on these forums are straight up and honest from my personal experiences dealing with Optus in all facets.

Trust me I keep it real.

Re: Cable congestion during peak hours in Canley Heights NSW




Thanks so much for the info and insight NickM, much appreciated.


Anyways - just to share the customer experience:

No one from Optus had called me back and its been a month or so since I called in. As usual- Social media form filled in and ignored.


I knew something was up, just wished it was handled by Optus in a proper manner instead of the usual, call up - it's a 'Known issue, No ETA, no updates' don't call back because you won't get further updates kind of attitude.


From a customer perspective, that's pretty shabby.

Paid for a speed pack - can only get max speeds when the network isn't congested which at odd early hours when people are sleeping or at work.


Afternoons, evenings and weekends are the worse

4Megabits with high latency, can barely watch youtube videos.


It's a shame everytime we have congestion issues I have to jump on here to things addressed.




Re: Cable congestion during peak hours in Canley Heights NSW


Sorry about this. I can see that Hollie has your referral & tried to call yesterday. She'll try to call again tomorrow to discuss this further. 

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Re: Cable congestion during peak hours in Canley Heights NSW


I haven't been able to get in contact with whomever was meant to follow up, I did receive missed calls during work hours but not return contact number or voicemail.


So I waited 1 hour tonight on the queue with tech support, to chase updates since no one is helping resolve or update me on my congestion issue.


My speeds are getting worse with this congestion, now consistently 1 Megabit tops from 3pm to evening, day in , day out on the fastest speed pack.


So there is a known congestion issue, but it's the same lack of accountability.

A ticket / reference number cannot be logged to address my issue, the network team response is it is a known issue - no ETA on planned upgrade or works to address this area's issue. I won't be getting any further updates.


I really hope someone can provide updates and assurance that something will be done because if the work will take many months to complete, I'm not receiving the quality of service promised; that I paid for. I feel sorry for others who are also having the same roadblock - and even worse, new customers jumping on board hoping for decent speeds.


Congestion has been such a major issue and the way Optus handles this has been poor. If you are a new or prospective customer , let me be clear. You should not think about joining Optus at all  - I say that being a long time customer for many years. You're better off with Telstra because the congestion issue is so bad that dial up is faster at times.


Is someone from Optus going to provide me a solution or at least leave me a voicemail with a direct local contact number to help sort this out.

Like previously said, it's shame I have to post here to get any visibility from Optus.



Re: Cable congestion during peak hours in Canley Heights NSW


Hey sickelz..

I've been experiencing the same problems.

I've only had the service since March 2nd but in that time I've only acheved speeds greater than 30Mbps twice.

Currently running at 1.7Mbps.

Same spiel from tech support. Congestion!!

Multi-Billion dollar corporation, can't invest the money in adequate hardware..

After several days of complaints I was finally given the number to call to cancel my contract at no cost.

Basically, I was told by tech support that I should go elsewhere.

I left a TPG ADSL plan and changed from Telstra home phone to Optus because I needed better speeds for my work. I'm now getting speeds of less than 2% of what they advertised. I think I should be paying 2% of the bill. Thats about all that will keep me from changing providers.


Oh. I'm in the Fairfield area too.

And it seems this has been an issue for quite some time judging by the posts I've been reading. But like you said, they cannot provide a lead time for when the issues will be resolved, only that their technical team are aware of the situation and are currently working on a solution. Pfffft!!


EXTREMELY disappointing!!

Re: Cable congestion during peak hours in Canley Heights NSW


Hey Miles,

Thanks for chiming in and sharing your experience.

Yes, I am in the same situation, tonight has been pretty bad, lucky to get 2Mbps at this time.


I'm also in a similar position to you, porting over from Telstra and jumping on this bundle plan where lots of people are jumping on, Optus still signing up people yet knowing very well that their infrastructure in some regions are being impacted from all this congestion.


Same with Tech Support.

Basically he said, if I were you, being impacted for 3 months and having no updates - I'd be looking in to other options.

He said Level 1 support all know about this and they're under pressure too. They've escalated but still continue to take calls for the same issues for different regions - Not his fault, but it tells you something about how things are being handled within Optus - No Accountability.


I'm hoping that with me documenting everything that it brings enough visibility.

That's the only way to receive half decent service these days at Optus.


I'll be taking it further with the TIO, and if more people do speak up about this maybe Optus might do something. Class action seems to be a good idea.





Re: Cable congestion during peak hours in Canley Heights NSW


Yes, I mentioned contacting the ombudsman when speaking with tech support and I was encouraged to do so.

As you said, it's not their fault, and I do feel kind of bad for the tech support  teams having to deal with the same issues over and over again with no resolution in sight.


One thing I learnt tonight is that every speed test you do on the Optus website is logged, the TS rep I was speaking to actually read back all my speed tests over the past 9 days.


If Optus could provide me with an estimated lead time for when they believe these issues will be resolved I would be happy to stay on board, provided I receive some form of recompense for not receiving the service I am paying for until such a time that the matter is rectified. I don't particularly want to have to go through all the trouble of signing with another ISP again. Having said that though, if there is no end in sight to this appalling 'superfast' broadband then I WILL be forced to go elsewhere as I NEED to be able to send and receive a large quantity of semi-large files for work.


I'm glad I found a person who is trying to get this situation resolved. Hopefully more people will voice their opinions and share their experiences and bring this to the attention of somebody who can actually get us what is being advertised  and what we are paying for.

Re: Cable congestion during peak hours in Canley Heights NSW


Wow that's interesting about the speed tests being recorded.


I hope they see the one I've just run

Cable with Premium speedpack - 0.24Mbps up, 0.26Mbps down @ 11:31PM 

Superfast broad band on the Docsis 3.0 network at its finest.


I'm hoping there will be more visibilty and more people speaking out about congestion issues, no matter where you are.


Most people are frustrated to the point where they drop 1 or 2 posts and they're gone. Frustrated beyond belief and giving up. That would be convenient as there is no follow up, no bad publicity to deal with - less work for Optus.


I'm not going to give up,

There needs to be accountability.

RCA's done to review the shabby customer service and lack of ownership, identify the root cause and lay out action plans and deliver improvement - some sort of proper structure/framework to deal with complaints and provide real resolutions if Optus really cares about customer service.


At this stage, no one has been accountable, which I feel is a total lack of respect for customers and the lack of customer service fundamentals.


No one has taken initiative, taken any proactive measure to take ownership of the issue. Some of us are having these issues but are copping it.

As long as you keep quiet and keep paying your bill, they love customers like that - Easy push over.


I'll be sure to keep everyone up to date and hope that there would be changes and improvements in place. This simply wont get brushed off with me cancelling my contract. I'm ready to take it all the way.


And just like you Miles, I'm a mobile worker with a home office - moving up from ADSL hoping to get better speeds for Lync meetings, huge transers for work, VPN etc  - full mobility kind work arrangement.

Being on ADSL with a max of 3Mbps due to line length, experiencing the odd drop out, service overall from TPG was way better than the inconsistent speeds with Cable these past few months. It's not the first time here for this area, and no doubt for other people in other areas complaining of the same thing.



Hardly the superfast broadband being advertised.

Optus needs to step up and it'd better be quick, I'm hoping someone from Optus on the forums here genuinely feel our pain and uses this opportunity to turn the customer experience around, whilst they still have a chance.




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