Re: Cable congestion during peak hours in Canley Heights NSW


According to the 3 year construction plan, Carramar (Canley Heights, Cabramatta, Fairfield Heights etc etc) is scheduled to commence build in July 2016.


I think the rollout will just be upgrades of CMTSs and lead in installations to the home if none exist, so if you already have cable then you're good to go. This is different to the original plan of FTTP which was scheduled for end of 2017... So fingers crossed it comes to us soon..


Lucky I found this thread! Still can't believe how dodgy Optus are, aggressively signing people up, locking them for 2 years to a crappy network..

Re: Cable congestion during peak hours in Canley Heights NSW


Hey Guys!


Sorry for the delay in responding, as you can see from a few of the earlier mod posts in this thread, we do try and advise of ETA's when we have them available, the problem with this is that it is just an estimate and it is subject to change, if at the time you were advised upgrades were scheduled to be completed by end of Jan for example, this is probably the forecast date we had available at the time you called/ posted. Due to factors out of our control, some of these had to be pushed back or postponed which was obviously disappointing to our customers. This is why moving forward - unless I can see equipment has been delivered and is ready to be installed, I will advise there is no ETR for upgrades - this is for your benefit as much as ours.


If you'd like me to check out if there are any upgrades happening on the CMTS/NODE you're connected to please PM me your full name, DOB & Optus internet username & I'll provide any information that I have. 


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Re: Cable congestion during peak hours in Canley Heights NSW


Understandable if upgrades are postponed back a month or two, or even three. But it starts to became ridiculous when upgrades are postponed 2-3 years. At this point you would even consider if it's even a postpone, as much as a lie to keep customers holding on just to live out the life of the contract. 


I had to learn that the hard way. Held on for far too long, when a simple switch to telstra was the best option I've ever done.


Re: Cable congestion during peak hours in Canley Heights NSW




I was about to sign up with Optus today but lucky came across this post, I will definitely avoid Optus and I'm going to sign up with Telstra. 



Re: Cable congestion during peak hours in Canley Heights NSW


I have been with Optus Cable for the past 7 months and recently relocated  to Fairfield and brought the service along with me.

I ahve many issues with the cable since moving here and expereinced many of the issues people here have alluded to. In the morning i manage to get speeds of 15mb if i am lucky, after 3pm i am lucky to get speeds of 4mb which decline until about 8pm where i get 0-2mb. The internet is basically useless after 5pm. I have called Optus twice and they have sent out a technicain who can only say that there was too much congestion on the network. I dont pay my fees for others to use it and i cant. This is not acceptable. I only use the net of an evening for work purposes and cant evn do that at the moment.


Is there any update to this issue or am i better off moving carriers?-

Re: Cable congestion during peak hours in Canley Heights NSW


Hey @CrapCable - so sorry to hear that you've been affected by this issue Smiley Sad I do understand that it'd be frustrating. I'm unable to provide any service/area specific information without looking at your service individually, can you please send me a PM with your username/account number? 

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