Cable available next-door but I can't get it...


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Just wondering if someone is able to check that there isn't a data base error here... My house number is 18 according to Optus I can only get ADSL2 and not cable however number 12,13,14,15,16,17,19 etc... can all get cable. I can even see the cable connection points on the power pole with vacant slots however the sales team is refusing to investigate if I can get cable. The house directly beside mine even has Optus cable and is separated by less than 1 metre being a melbourne terrace style house. 


Just to point out, these are not townhouses or units, they are just standard houses with full street front access and no split lots/blocks as in all are numberd 1,2,3 not 1a, 1b, 2, 3, etc etc... 

Re: Cable available next-door but I can't get it...

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I think you will find the problem is the NBN are taking over Optus cable so Optus are not offering cable connections to new customers if the NBN will be installed in the near future.


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Re: Cable available next-door but I can't get it...


NBN construction hasn't even started in my area unfortunately :,( - just spoke to another customer service consultant who processed a drive-by request for an optus tech to double check if cable is available. I've looked at the cable on the overhead wires and looks like it would be an easy enough connection as my neighbours already have it connected. 

Fingers crossed the outcome of the driveby is favourable! 

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