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Hi everyone,


I live in William St, Newport, VIC, 3015. All the houses on my street can be serviced by Optus Cable apart from mine, it seems. The problem lies with the fact that my house is at the back of another house, although our house does have a gate on William st itself. Optus organised a tech drive by last year and they said that they couldn't hook us to the cable, but I am not sure if they looked at the technicalities of it (1: we wouldnt mind having the cable running overhead above our path to the gate and 2) I dont think they tried running the cable from the back of the house (on Khory Lane).


NBN is coming soon-ish and - chances are - they will run it through the very same cable Optus says they cant connect us through!


How do I get Optus to do another tech drive-by to look at those options? I want to connect now as I am sick of waiting for NBN construction work..


Thanks for any suggestions :-)

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Hey @bukowski73! I'm just letting you know that I've just replied to your Facebook wall post requesting you send through some information in a private message Smiley Happy 

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Hi Mike


I have just replied too. Please send me a private message on FB (not sure you can send one here) and I'll give you details. No reason why you cannot run the cable from the front of the house or the back lane.

Thx - Marco

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@Mike-N can you help (see my previous message), please?


Thanks - Marco

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Hi Marco, I've replied to you FB post. Cheers,

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I'm new to the yescrowd.

I want to use the cable broadband service, but the sales and the website keep saying my address only got ADSL2+ as an option.

However, I can clearly see the overhead cable and the connection box hanging under the roof outside the dwelling.

I checked both my neighbors' (left and right) address, optus web-sites offer both with cable as well. When I talked to the sales, they said the address was used for business registration before, and optus cable broadband is not offering to business anymore. Is it right?

How can I ask for the tech drive in to check and correct the optus database/record of it?

Appreciate if anyone could give me some tips/advise.


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oops, my address is: <removed for privacy> 

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Hey there @Eski - apologies for any confusion over this!

Generally speaking, we don't offer Cable connections to businesses but given that it's a residential home now, it might be worth re-checking. 

It may be that your home is no longer serviceable for Cable but if need be, we can organise a drive by of the property to get a second opinion Smiley Happy 

If you'd like us to organise one, please PM us with any current service details that you have so we can send it through to the team. 

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