Cable availability - William St, Newport, VIC, 3015


We just bought a house in Newport and I am confused as to whether I can get Optus cable at this new address or not.

The house used to go under a different house number and - if I enter the old number - the Optus availability checker tells me that I can get cable there. However, if I enter the new house number, both the online availability checker and Optus call centre say NADA, I can't even get ADSL there!


I know that my neighbours can get cable there but - before I commit to a 24-month contract - the most logical thing would be to get an Optus techie to check what I can get there, right? Well, the Optus call centre says that's not possible either.


Other people are describing similar experiences on and other forums - it would be great if Optus could show that they can be a bit flexible and understanding on this occasion. 


Any ideas??


Thanks in advance, guys.

Re: Cable availability - William St, Newport, VIC, 3015


Forget the Optus call centre.  It's useless for anything but the standard query.  You might try going to an Optus shop - one of the bigger ones - and ask there, gradually upping your voice volume so that every other customer in the shop can hear, until you get a satisfactory answer.

Re: Cable availability - William St, Newport, VIC, 3015


Thanks Warwick - hopefully someone from Optus here on this forum will offer me a solution before I hit the Optus shop!


Re: Cable availability - William St, Newport, VIC, 3015

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OK, now I am seriously considering NOT to sign up to Optus for my broadband..

The question is, do I want to deal with a company that interacts like this with its potential customers?? See below for my exchange with the company on Facebook...


MY POST: Like many other potential customers (plenty of stuff like this on online forums), I am having a really hard time in trying to get a connection with you guys. I am moving to a new house in mid-June and want to connect to your cable service (this is in Newport, VIC). I know that my new neighbours have cable with you guys but your call centre guys are telling me that I can't have it (I believe the issue is that the house used to have a different house no.) Now, I do not want to commit to a 24-month contract if I cannot connect to cable , is there any chance you could send a techie to find out if I can def get it or not, please? Thx - Marco


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Re: Cable availability - William St, Newport, VIC, 3015


Hey bukowski73, the facebook post that you included in your reply was by a user impersonating our Optus Facebook profile and they've now been reported to Facebook. Really sorry for the confusion. We'll be able to look into your enquiry further, I've just sent you a PM.

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