Cable/Wi-Fi Nightmare


I'm having the same nightmare as many others.

I have a Netgear CG3000-2STAUS modem and router, which drops out intermittently, and doesn't reach the other end of my house. It's awful.


So I have figured out that I have two options:

a) Get a new cable modem/router. Can anyone recommend a good option, with range, around the $150 mark?

b) Get a new router and bridge the Netgear CG3000. Is this a viable option? The CG3000 is terrible for wi-fi, but does the modem work alright with a different router? I'm looking at the Netgear R6220 - will this suffice?


Please help me - I'm tearing my hair out with Optus, and this garbage internet...

Re: Cable/Wi-Fi Nightmare


Hey @manosaurus, to use the Optus Cable connection you do need to use the provided modem as non-Optus supplied modem's aren't compatible, if you are finding even after changing WiFi channels on the modem that the WiFi just doesn't reach the other end of your house, out of the two options you have above, I would look at purchasing a separate router to bridge. 

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Re: Cable/Wi-Fi Nightmare


Experiencing exact problem. Thinking it was a wifi problem I tried another wifi modem off the netgear port. Nothing's changed. Finding it very hard to get help. 

Re: Cable/Wi-Fi Nightmare


So, I have tried bridging my modem, with a brand spanking new router.

The router works beautifully, and yet STILL my internet access keeps dropping out.

When it happens, I connect to the LAN plug on the router - no internet. Connect to the LAN plug on the modem - eventually internet.

So I've worked out that it's the modem that's the issue.

So what modem can I get to replace this Optus brick that they've given me???

Re: Cable/Wi-Fi Nightmare


I had the same result - got a new router and hoped that the Optus-provided modem would be fine.

Nope. It's garbage.

Now I need a replacement modem.

Re: Cable/Wi-Fi Nightmare


Hi @manosaurus, if the underlying boradband is dropping outm you'll need to raise that with Cable Tech Support on 1300300693. If the reach of the signal is an issue in your house, you can try a Wi-Fi Extender/booster instead or perhaps a power-line adapter to get the internet to the other rooms. 

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Re: Cable/Wi-Fi Nightmare


Oh dear Smiley Sad I apologise that we haven't been in touch with you about this @manosaurus, that's really disappointing to hear.

If you can PM me with your account number/username, full name and DOB we can absolutely follow it up for you and take a look at your service from here. 

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